How to Use Vaping to Quit Smoking

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Vaping was originally created as a safe alternative to smoking. Its main purpose was to give smokers a way out of smoking and reduce the amount of damage it does to the body. It can be effective if you want to stop smoking, but you have to know a thing or two about vaping first. When you first start to look into vaping, you will start to hear all sorts of strange terminology and wonder how something that seems so simple can be so complex. But understanding the different types of devices, vaping products, and vaping methods out there will be essential if you want to achieve your goal. Here’s how you can use vaping kits to quit smoking.

Start with the Right Device

The first thing you have to do is pick the right device. There are lots of different devices out there and some will be better for smokers trying to stop. The first thing you have to understand is the difference between a mouth-to-lung device and a direct-to-lung device. Direct-to-lung devices require that you inhale the vapour directly into the lungs while a mouth-to-lung device will require that you inhale the hit into your mouth first.

Mouth-to-lung devices are said to replicate the smoking experience since this is how cigarettes are smoked. This is why you should consider going for this type of device if you are using it to quit. Know that you won’t be able to chuck huge clouds like the ones you see in vaping trick videos. They will usually be weaker than mouth-to-lung devices and won’t produce as much smoke. What they will do, however, is give you that “throat hit” so many smokers crave, which allows them to forget that they’re using a vape machine.

If you’re looking for the absolute best type of device to quit smoking, we suggest that you go for a small pod system. Most of these devices are mouth-to-lung and much easier to use than other types of devices. If you’re looking for the best pod vape kits, we suggest you give Superior Vapour a look. They have one of the largest selections of vape pods and accessories online. Whether you’re looking for a Smok, Aspire, or Uwell device, or are looking for something more obscure, you’ll find them all via their store.

You can also go for a regular mod device. The only issue with these is that you have to constantly pop them open to change the coil and filling them is a bit more complicated. With a pod device, all you have to do is pop out your old pod once it’s done and pop in a new one. You also won’t have to worry about tweaking the settings until you find something that works since these devices usually have much simpler controls and settings.

Choose the Right Liquid to Start

Next, you will need to look for a good e-liquid. You can decide to go with something that is closer to the taste of cigarettes or you could go for some of the original flavours available out there. You even have tobacco-flavoured e-juice, which could be perfect. If you want to try something like one of these Delta 9 vapes, you’ll find that the flavors are determined by the strains that are in the liquid. The goal is to try as many as you can until you find something you like.

The most important factor, however, will be the nicotine concentration of the juice you’re going to pick. It’s usually better to go with the strongest nicotine concentration possible at first. This will make sure that you feel the effects and are satisfied with your vaping experience. The highest concentration you can find is 12mg, and this will give you enough effects without having to vape too much.

Another thing you will have to look at is the PG/VG ratio of any juice you want to buy. PG stands for propylene glycol and VG stands for vegetable glycerine. These are the main components of most e-juices and they make a big difference in how the vapour feels. Juices that are higher in VG will usually have a smoother taste while those with more PG will give you more of that throat hit we talked about earlier. It’s up to you to see which type you enjoy the most.

Have a Strategy for Quitting Nicotine

If your goal is simply to stop smoking, you don’t need much of a strategy, but you should also consider getting off nicotine completely. Nicotine is far from harmless and has been associated with all sorts of diseases such as heart disease and high blood pressure, just to name a few. This is why you should have a plan to taper down your consumption until you don’t need nicotine anymore. You should try lowering the nicotine concentration of your juices every three months until you get to zero. If you can’t get to zero, staying at 3 mg should be enough to curb your cravings and prevent you from smoking ever again.

This is all you need to know if you want to use vaping as a means to stop smoking. Vaping is definitely better than smoking, and you should start to feel the benefits of switching faster than you imagined.


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