Visiting the Different Regions of Japan

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We all might think we have an idea of what makes Japan different to the rest of the world. With a blend of ancient tradition and modern innovation, the country has become a cultural and industrial powerhouse. But until you visit the various parts of the country, you might not get a full understanding of the diversity that exists within it. Just as the various regions of the UK differ drastically from one another, so too, do those of Japan.

If you’re planning a tour of Japan, then it’s a good idea to consider the various parts of it, and what they have to offer.

The regions of Japan and their highlights


This is the largest island in the country, and the largest prefecture (a prefecture being an administrative unit in Japan). Most of its value to tourists stems from its natural beauty and the array of outdoor activities that are possible here.


Similarly, Tohoku offers plenty of amazing things to see. A visit to Jodogahama Beach will reward you with clean white sands and a clear blue sea. Travel at the right time of year, on the other hand, and you’ll find seasonal flowers blossoming at the Minchinoku Forest Lakeside Park.


If you’re visiting Kanto, then you’re almost certainly visiting Tokyo. But the region is also home to an amazing mountain range and a sequence of subtropical islands.

Hokuriku Shinetsu

When most of us think of rural Japan, we’re probably thinking of something a little bit like Hokuriku Shinetsu. It’s famed for its thatch-roofed houses and its mountain range, that, during winter, is blanketed in snow.


This rural region is dominated by Mount Fuji, which you’ll want to visit. Nearby, the hot springs are also worth a mention.


The southernmost region of Honshu, Kansai has been pivotal in Japan’s long history. It’s home to the cities of Osaka and Kyoto.


In Chugoku we find a range of amazing attractions, including wonderful little seaside settlements, and the famous Okunoshima, which is a floating shrine in Hiroshima.


The smallest of Japan’s main four islands, Shikoku punches well above its weight when it comes to tourist appeal. It’s here that you’ll be able to take the Shikoku Henro, which is a pilgrimage that will take you to eighty-eight temples dotted around the island.


The name of this mountainous island translates to ‘Nine Provinces’, which is drawn from the historic nine provinces of Saikaido. A mountainous place, it’s home to Mount Aso, which is an active volcano.


Finally, we should consider the little island of Okinawa. It’s some way off the mainland, but it’s still worth visiting, especially for those with an interest in history and nature. The island’s north boasts one of Asia’s most extensive tracts of rainforest, containing a variety of valuable species.

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