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Weekly weigh in – another gain

I’m a bit fed up with another gain (1/2lb) to be honest because unlike last week I haven’t had anything I shouldn’t and I’ve stayed on plan all week.

It’s annoying when I gain and I don’t know why but I’m just going to draw a line under it and try again.
I’m going to do an extra easy week instead of SP and see how I go.

It’s going to be nice having potatoes and pasta again after 6 weeks without any! I don’t know how I managed it for so long!

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another gain - food diary. pen, tomato and tape measure

Weekly weigh in – Half pound gain

We had a rare treat on Saturday night……a Chinese takeaway! This is the reason for my half pound gain but I’m not at all down about it because I enjoyed the evening with Ant and the girls and I enjoyed every single mouthful!

I also enjoyed the small piece of Somerset Apple Cake that I baked on Sunday for our dessert after Sunday Lunch.
It was so nice that it took enormous willpower not to keep going in the kitchen and cutting a slice!

I was actually quite pleased that it was only half a pound because I expected a lot more than that so the gain was somewhat of a victory for me! I didn’t have any syns at all from Sunday afternoon until I got back from weigh in at Slimming World yesterday lunchtime.

I’m totally on it this week and going for a 2lb loss to keep me on my personal target 🙂

fairy sigtag - half pound gain post


Weekly weigh in – 1lb lost

1lb lost today took my total this month to 9lb and saw me taking the Slimmer of the Month award 🙂 I now have 1 stone 2lb to lose to get my 8.5 stone award back.
If I’m honest I was expecting more as I feel I’ve been on track all week but a loss is still a loss so I’m happy enough.

1lb lost - Slimming World slimmer of the month certificate

I’ve nicked some of the girls’ beads and counted out enough for my syns for the week. I’m going to move them over to the other vase as I use them.

1lb lost - glass jars and beads to count my syns

Hopefully, I can my 8.5 stone award back in about 6 weeks 🙂

Weekly weigh in – 1.5lb lost

I lost 1.5lb at my weekly weigh in. I’ve done mostly SP days this week but I had a couple of days on Extra Easy. I think this is the reason I haven’t lost as much as I did the last two weeks.

I’m not disappointed, though, I’m aiming for an average of 2lb a week this year and during January I’ve lost 8lb so far so I’m meeting my goal 🙂

I’m going to do all SP days this week and see how I get on at the next weigh in. Hopefully, I’ll get a 2lb loss.

Wish me luck!

lose weight - weekly weigh in

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Weekly weigh in – January 14th

Weekly weigh in – January 14th – It’s been a very long time since I got Slimmer of the Week! I lost 3.5lb this week and went back down into the next stone.

Weekly weigh in - January 14th

I’m really pleased with my result last week and this week. I came home from SW and got straight back on plan; no treat day, nothing being eaten that hasn’t been synned and plenty of fruit and veg 🙂

I have to lose 18.5lb to get back down to my lowest of 22 stone 8lb which was my 8 and a half stone award weight.
I’ll be really happy when I get back to that weight and I’ll then be able to concentrate on getting my 9 stone award!

Weekly weigh in – Lost 3lb

I lost 3lb which comes after a Christmas gain of 7.5lb. I’m quite happy about the weight gain because I enjoyed every chocolate, piece of shortbread and glass of Baileys!

I’ve currently lost 6 stone 13lb and my first goal this year is to get my 8.5 stone award back. I’m planning on losing 2lb a week so I should get back to that weight (22.7 stone) by the end of March then I can work on getting my 9 stone award.

My willpower has returned. I don’t want to spend the next year going up and down these 2 stones like I did last year, I want to get out of the 20 stones and into the teens!

If I can maintain a 2lb a week loss, I should be out of the 20s by the end of July 🙂

lost 3lb


Weekly weigh in – another gain

This is a short post this week. I’ve had another gain, only a pound but I’m fairly confident I’m not going to get my 9 stone award before Christmas!

Another gain


I’m just taking it as it comes now and I’m not going to let it get me down. I’m going to try hard this week to lose a couple of pounds but I’ll be happy now if I stay the same.
I don’t want to put any more weight on and it would be great to get back to the losing streak I had in the first year but not gaining will be fine with me for a while!

Slimming World

Weekly weigh in – 1.5lb gain

This week I expected a gain and I was happy it was only 1.5lb! I celebrated my husband’s birthday with him on Friday and Saturday and I really enjoyed it so I’m fine with the gain.

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Weekly weigh in – 2lb lost

After having a good week last week I came home from my weekly weigh in at Slimming World and went totally off the rails. I don’t know why, I just lost all control.

Weekly weigh in - 2lb lost - Smiley thumbs up


It took me until Sunday to sort myself out and get back on track.

I contemplated not going to the weigh in this week. I’ve only ever felt like that a couple of times before and I always have to talk myself out of it because I know if I miss a week I’ll not go back.

The change in my attitude came yesterday while I got dressed to go to work in the charity shop. I got dressed in the dark (it takes me a while to wake up and be able to switch the lights on in a morning!)  and pulled a pair of leggings out of the drawer. I thought they were my usual ones but as I was putting them I realised they felt a lot tighter than usual.
I started thinking I must have put loads on for them to be tight.

Later on, when I’d woken up and put the light on, I checked the label and found I’d picked a pair of leggings that had been in my ‘too small for now’ pile and was delighted to find they were a size 24 and they fit me!

I’ve been in a size 30/32 for years and I can’t explain how it felt to be wearing a size 24 😀

So I went to the weekly weigh in and got weighed, even though I was dreading it. Expecting a huge gain I stepped on and nearly cried thinking I’d put on nearly a stone! I saw the pound number was a 6 when last week it had been an 8 but I didn’t check the stones number. Sue told me I’d lost 2lb and I really couldn’t believe it.

I’m now in a great place, head wise and I’m aiming to have a brilliant week 🙂

weekly weigh in loss/gain table
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