3.5 pound loss – Slimming World Weekly Weigh In

3.5 Pound Loss

I didn’t post a weekly weigh in last week as I’ve decided to post my results a week later. I kept forgetting, till late on Wednesdays, to do my update post. I try to stay off the computer in the evening so I can spend time with Ant and I didn’t like having to blog late in the evening.

Doing it a week later means I can schedule it and forget about it 🙂

So, last week, I stuck to plan all week and I lost 3.5lb. I was hoping for more (never satisfied!) but I’m happy with my result.

I’m pledging to lose the same again next week. I’m trying really hard to get out of the 24 stone bracket.

food diary. pen, tomato and tape measure 3.5 pound loss

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Gained 1.5lb at my Weekly Weigh In

Gained 1.5lb

gained 1.5lb

gained 1.5lb

Just a quickie tonight because it’s late. I forgot to post earlier because I’ve been busy working on my old recipe posts. I’ve been updating the SEO and the images. I’m in the process of making better images so they stand out better on Pinterest.

I was expecting a gain at my Slimming World class this week because I’ve not been great at sticking to plan! I’m going to be better this week 🙂

The greatest loser award was given out today and we were all really happy to see Nicky win it with an 8 stone 5.5lb loss :oD



Didn’t lose – Slimming World Weekly Weigh In

Didn’t lose

I’ve had a good week but I didn’t lose any weight this week. I was ill for most of the week which could be the reason so I’m not upset about it.

Next week the greatest loser will be awarded. I won it in 2015 and 2016 but this year a lovely lady will be getting the award. I’m really pleased for her because she’s done brilliantly. She’ll be getting her 8.5 stone award. It’s been a couple of years since I got my 8.5 stone award and currently, I only have my 6.5 stone award as I’m still struggling to lose the weight I put back in November and December last year.

I’ll be getting it back next year though because she’s nearly at target and I still have lots of stones to get rid of! Haha 🙂

didn't lose


7.5lb Loss! -Weekly Weigh In

7.5lb Loss

A 7.5lb loss this week at Slimming World made me very happy, in fact, I’m delighted! I had pledged to lose 6lb this week and I worried whether I could actually do it. Seems that I can and I smashed it!

I wasn’t able to do the weighing at my group this morning, though. I started with a cold on Monday which has knocked me off my feet. A runny nose is bad enough to contend with but the pounding headache that’s accompanying it is horrible.

I didn’t go to work at the charity shop on Tuesday and I won’t be cleaning for my mother in law in the morning as I don’t want to pass this horrible virus on to her.
Hopefully, I’ll be better by Friday morning because I need to go and change the book display table at the charity shop.

I want to go for a big loss again this week because I want to get out of the 24 stone category and work towards getting my 7 and a half stone award back 🙂

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Oh dear! 5lb Gain – Weekly Weigh In

5lb Gain

I wasn’t very good at the weekend. Also, we indulged in the Tesco Valentine’s meal deal last night (which was delicious!) which wasn’t SW friendly! However, I was still a bit shocked at the 5lb Gain I got when I weighed at Slimming World this morning.

I’ve vowed to lose 6lb next week so I’ve really got to knuckle down this week and keep in control.

I did try to have today as a holiday so I wouldn’t have to face the scales it but my fellow social team members wouldn’t let me get away with it! I faced my gain and have got my head in place to get rid of it again, thanks to them 🙂

Sparkly Shell sigtag half pound gain didn't weigh 5lb Gain

February 8th – Weekly Weigh In – Lost 1.5lb

February 8th – 1.5lb loss

February 8th – I pledged to lose 3lb this week. I was still happy with 1.5lb loss, especially after the couple of weeks I stuck to plan and stayed the same.

I’m happy with any loss as long as I get a loss every week!

I’ve stuck to plan all day which is a big achievement for me. I got into the habit of having a cheat day on a Wednesday but it didn’t help my losses.
I found that if I don’t have a totally on plan day on a Wednesday, I went to have a rubbish week.

If I have a good Wednesday, I have a good week so I pledged to have a good day today and to lose 3lb next week.

I’ve got my cappuccino and Kit Kat to have for supper and that’ll be my syns used up.

fed up February 8th


Surprise 1lb loss – Weekly Weigh In

Surprise 1lb loss

I didn’t have a very good week so I was happy with my surprise 1lb loss.

I’ve pledged to lose 3lb next week. I want to get my awards back and I need to lose half a stone to get my 7 stone award.

We had a taster at our group today to celebrate the couple of the year. Someone made a really lovely banana cheesecake and I forgot to pick up the recipe. I’ll have to ask the lady for it next week. It didn’t have a biscuit base so wasn’t like having proper cheesecake but it will be lovely just to have in the fridge for a low syn sweet treat.

Shell sig. Not messing anymore surprise 1lb loss

Slimmer of the Month – Weekly Weigh In

Slimmer of the Month

It was a nice surprise to get the Slimmer of the Month award today at my weekly weigh in. I lost 1lb today which brought my total this month to 10.5lb loss.

Slimmer of the Month Slimming World certificate

I’ve been a bit disappointed this month. I’ve stayed the same twice and lost a pound today after trying really hard all month but I’m in control which is the main thing. I haven’t let it get me down too much because I didn’t want to start emotionally eating.

I’ve planned the dinners for the week ahead and I’m going to start using my syns earlier in the day instead of saving them for the evening. I don’t think eating chocolate before bed is doing me any good!


SAS Log – Weekly Weigh In


Again, I’ve stayed the same this week. I’ve logged everything, done everything I should have done and I still haven’t lost any more weight. I decided to pick up an SAS log from my Slimming World consultant.

It stands for Slimmers Against Sabotage and it’s a tool to help you see where you could be going wrong. I’ve been doing Slimming World for over 4 years now and I know how to food optimise but sometimes we all just need a little extra help.

Slimming World SAS Log

I’m going to give it my all again this week to get a loss. My head is still in the right place. I haven’t been picking at food. I’ve been stopping myself eating things without synning them and I’ve been weighing food that needs it.

Wish me luck. Again!



Maintained – Weekly Weigh In and a meal plan


I maintained at weigh-in this morning and a bit disappointed, after my 9.5lb loss last week. I’ve been using my Slimming World journal, planning my meals and measuring anything that needed measuring.
I’ve kept within my syns and used a smaller plate to have smaller portions.

The only thing I haven’t done is have speed with all my main meals so my target this week is to have half a plate at lunch and dinner.

I’ve planned my meals and syns and I’m sharing them here but just a note about syns; because I’m over 20 stone, I’m allowed 25 syns rather than the usual 15. (Please excuse me if I’ve miscoloured any cells!)

Click the pictures to view the full sized version


Slimming World Meal Plan Maintained


Slimming World meal plans


Slimming World Meal Plan

*Grapes have been coloured incorrectly, they’re a free food, not synned!


Slimming World Meal Plan


Slimming World Meal Plan


Slimming World Meal Plan


Slimming World Meal Plan