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It’s not cheap to eat healthily…

I started Slimming World a few weeks ago (you can see my progress on my other blog, Quest of a Shrinking Lady!) and the thing I’m struggling with the most is not, as you would think, having to limit my intake of chocolate, crisps and cakes, it’s trying to fit the cost of all the fruit, vegetables and lean meats that the diet calls for, into the weekly grocery budget; I’m finding that it’s not cheap to eat healthily.

I know this ‘diet’ (it doesn’t feel like a diet at all!) is wonderfully healthy for the whole family because we’re all eating more than the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day but I’m not sure how we’re going to keep up with the cost of it!

I had thought that not buying all the crisps, desserts and unhealthy snacks that I used to, would offset the cost of the fruit, veg and meats but when you look at it, a packet of 5 chocolate chip cakes from Tesco can cost as little as 50p; we usually buy Tesco Value anyway so the cost of those cheap treats doesn’t compare to the cost of the healthy things we now have to buy.

I used to buy the cheapest cuts of meat but now we have to have the leanest; obviously, the more work they have to do to prepare the food pushes the prices up.
I now have to buy pork mince to make homemade sausages rather than buy a bag of 20 frozen ones. And yes, I do know that homemade are 100% better for us but we don’t have the income to be able to choose the healthiest options all the time and a bag of 20 sausages does 2 meals for £2 whereas a pack of lean pork mince does 1 meal for £4.

Just that one comparison shows the huge difference between the cost of meals on our new way of eating but somehow, I have to make this work because it’s best for us all in the long run.

I see a lot of Slimming World recipe research is in order to find healthy, tasty meals that can be made for a smaller cost.

If any of you have Slimming World recipes to share, I can always use some inspiration 🙂