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Weekly weigh in – December 31st

December 31st – 2lb Gain

I got weighed yesterday and I was delighted with my 2lb gain!

Last year I put 10lb on over the Christmas week so 2lb was a great achievement for me 🙂
I’m getting back on track tomorrow. I want to enjoy the lovely dinner Ant’s cooking for us and his dad tonight. The girls are staying up to see in the new year with us. I know I’m going to be enjoying my chocolate Baileys and the last of the snowballs!

I’m 40 in July next year. I want 2016 to be the year I get serious about losing weight again. I know I won’t reach my overall target but I want to get out of the 20 stones and into the teens before July. That means I have 3.5 stones to lose in 6 months.

I know I can do it; I AM going to do it 🙂

Thumbs Up - December 31st


Weekly weigh in December 23rd

Just a quick update today as it’s December 23rd which means it’s nearly Christmas 🙂 I’m not concentrating on losing weight right now 🙂

I didn’t go last week as I had Kaycee’s cold and didn’t want to spread it around the whole Slimming World group.
I weighed at home though and I’d put 1.5lb on after Nanny’s Christmas party and all the Baileys I’d been drinking!

I’ve not had a very good week this week either but as I said, I’ve relaxed a bit and I’m ok with my 1.5lb gain this week.

I’m taking a few days off now and will be back on track on Sunday, ready for my weigh in next Wednesday 🙂

December 23rd - Merry Christmas animated picture


Weekly weigh in December 9th

December 9th – Well, it’s a gain this week but only half a pound so I’m ok with that. The treat trolley came out at the weekend and it took me a couple of days to get control of myself and stop snacking on the Celebrations and Roses so the gain was only to be expected really!

Maintain My Weight

I’ve decided to put less pressure on myself and try to maintain my weight throughout December because trying to lose 3lb a week with all this temptation around isn’t very realistic for me.

It’ll be good if I can lose this half a pound next week but as long as I maintain, I’ll be happy 🙂


December 9th - Me at 31 stone in August 2012 then me at 22.5 stone in August 2014

Weekly weigh in – December 2nd

December 2nd

I lost 3lb this week, which was a nice surprise! I thought I’d lost maybe 1lb or even stayed the same, but now I just need to lose 2lb to get my 8 stone award back 🙂

I’m off out for a Christmas dinner tonight with some of the lovely ladies from my Slimming World group and I’m really looking forward to it.
It’s not often I go out and I do get a bit nervous when I think about walking in the pub but I know once I’m in there with my friends, I’ll be fine!

I pledged to lose 3lb again next week. Wish me luck 🙂

Me at 31 stone in August 2012 then me at 22.5 stone in August 2014


Weekly weigh in – November 25th

November 25th – Well, it’s 4 weeks to Christmas and I can’t see I’m going to get my 8.5 stone award back, let alone get my 9 stone award!
I didn’t do an update last week because I was really fed up.

I’d been extra good all week, counting syns, weighing healthy extras and swapping carbs for speed veg, for example, when I did chilli and rice for everyone, I had cabbage instead of rice and I put 2lb on.

I was expecting to lose at least 4lb so to have a gain after working so hard all week was really disappointing.

I was invited to my friend, Jackie’s that night for a craft party and for the first time in about 11 years I got drunk.
On a school night!

I was still drunk when I woke up the next morning and didn’t get back on track with my eating.

Friday night we went to visit Jourdain and Netty, Ant’s son and girlfriend, and we had a takeaway for dinner.
Saturday we went to visit Kellyann, Ant’s daughter and had spaghetti bolognese followed by lemon meringue pie then Sunday we made chocolate orange cornflake cakes which I could not stop eating.

I managed to get back on track on Monday and Tuesday and only put a pound on this week, which was quite a good result after all the alcohol and food!

I need to lose 12lb to get my 8.5 stone award back so 3lb a week would see me do it by Christmas but I’m not confident now that I can do it but I will try my best 🙂

Me at 31 stone in August 2012 then me at 22.5 stone in August 2014


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Weekly weigh in – November 11th

November 11th weigh in and I’ve had a better result than I was expecting so I’m in a very happy mood today!

I lost 4lb at weigh in this morning :o)

This 4lb boost has really helped me feel confident about getting my 9st award by Christmas. I’ve 16lb left to go and 6 more weigh ins before Christmas.
I did pledge to lose 2lb this coming week but my new consultant wouldn’t let me pledge just 2lb, I had to pledge 4lb!

So now I’m on a mission to get another 4lb gone! Wish me luck for a good result next week 🙂


Me at 31 stone in August 2012 then me at 22.5 stone in August 2014


Weekly weigh in – November 4th

November 4th weigh in – After a really lovely holiday in Mablethorpe with Ant and the girls, I only put 1.5lb on. I was very happy with that result as I’d eaten everything from fish and chips and hot doughnuts to oreos and ice cream!

It’s nice to be home and back to eating healthily. I love having a break from Slimming World but I do like how nice it feels when I get back on track!

I’m still on track to get my 8.5 stone award back for Christmas 🙂 I might not get my 9 stone award as planned but I’m not worried if I don’t as it will come eventually!

Me at 31 stone in August 2012 then me at 22.5 stone in August 2014


Weekly weigh in – October 21st

October 21st weigh in and another loss today. I’m 1.5lb closer to my interim target, which I’ve just changed. I reckon I can get my 9 stone award by Christmas.

As long as I don’t go mad on holiday, I’ll be ok!

Me at 31 stone in August 2012 then me at 22.5 stone in August 2014

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Weekly Weigh In October 14th

October 14th weigh in and I haven’t been brilliant this week, especially with speed (fruit and veg) foods. I’ve had lots of free, comfort food, like potatoes, beans and pasta but not much veg. Free foods are great but for better losses it helps to cut down on the free foods and fill up on the speed foods.

As a result, I only lost 1lb this week but I’m happy it’s another loss 🙂 As long as it keeps going down, I’ll be happy. I’m still on target to get my 8 and a half stone award back before Christmas but if it doesn’t happen I know it will it the new year.



Me at 31 stone in August 2012 then me at 22.5 stone in August 2014


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Weekly weigh in – feeling happier with 5.5lb loss!

I’m well and truly back on the Slimming World train. I’ve lost 5.5lb this week and got my 7 and a half stone award back and got slimmer of the week :o)

I’ve got 10 weighs ins left before Christmas (there are 11 Wednesday weigh ins but I’ll be on holiday at Mablethorpe for one of them) so I know I can get another stone off before then and get my 8 and a half stone award back.

It’s not all good news for me today though. My consultant, Sue, has decided to leave in 4 weeks and I’m a bit worried about it. I know that it’s been Sue and this group that has kept me going for 3 years. I’ve been overweight since childhood and I’ve never stuck at an eating plan for so long. Even with the struggle of the last 2 years, going up and down the same 2 stone, I’ve kept going and I’m worried that if I don’t like the new consultant/the feel of the group changes/people leave etc I might not want to go any more.

If I don’t go, I won’t get to target but even more importantly, I could undo all my hard work.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll still be a good group and I’m going to try not to worry until there’s actually something to worry about!

Me at 31 stone in August 2012 then me at 22.5 stone in August 2014


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