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Weekly weigh in – 2lb lost

After having a good week last week I came home from my weekly weigh in at Slimming World and went totally off the rails. I don’t know why, I just lost all control.

Weekly weigh in - 2lb lost - Smiley thumbs up


It took me until Sunday to sort myself out and get back on track.

I contemplated not going to the weigh in this week. I’ve only ever felt like that a couple of times before and I always have to talk myself out of it because I know if I miss a week I’ll not go back.

The change in my attitude came yesterday while I got dressed to go to work in the charity shop. I got dressed in the dark (it takes me a while to wake up and be able to switch the lights on in a morning!)  and pulled a pair of leggings out of the drawer. I thought they were my usual ones but as I was putting them I realised they felt a lot tighter than usual.
I started thinking I must have put loads on for them to be tight.

Later on, when I’d woken up and put the light on, I checked the label and found I’d picked a pair of leggings that had been in my ‘too small for now’ pile and was delighted to find they were a size 24 and they fit me!

I’ve been in a size 30/32 for years and I can’t explain how it felt to be wearing a size 24 😀

So I went to the weekly weigh in and got weighed, even though I was dreading it. Expecting a huge gain I stepped on and nearly cried thinking I’d put on nearly a stone! I saw the pound number was a 6 when last week it had been an 8 but I didn’t check the stones number. Sue told me I’d lost 2lb and I really couldn’t believe it.

I’m now in a great place, head wise and I’m aiming to have a brilliant week 🙂

weekly weigh in loss/gain table

Weekly weigh in – 1.5lb lost

I’ve been in control all week and felt better for it. It paid off with the 1.5lb lost that I gained last week. I’ve also been sick though since last Wednesday with a horrible cold so I’ve had Beechams and  Tunes and Halls lozenges.
I didn’t syn them but I think they were about 10 syns for the three packets and they’ve been spread over the week.

I checked how I did last week after not knowing all week and I only put a pound and a half on which was a lot better than I was expecting.

Today, with the 1.5lb lost, I now need to lose exactly a stone to get me back to my 8 and a half stone award weight and 1 stone 7lb to get my 9 stone award. I’d need to lose 4lb a week now to get that by the weigh in before Christmas week which I think is impossible but I’m leaving my chart as it is because it might just spur me on to try my very best!

Weekly Weigh In - 1.5lb lost
If British imperial weights of Stones and Pounds confuse you, here is a link to a Stones to Kg calculator, to make life simpler 🙂

Weekly weigh in – Gained but don’t know how much!

I feel like I’ve had a terrible week that was topped off by a visit to McDonald’s last night, the night before weigh in so I decided not to find out how much I gained this week. I know I can sometimes let weight gain get to me so I got weighed but asked Jackie not to tell me the result.
I’ve done a full menu plan for the week ahead and I aim to stick to it religiously. I will get my 9 stone award by Christmas.

gained weight


I’m going to meal plan every week now to keep me on track and I’m getting it into my head that Christmas is not an excuse to pig out. I’ll have treats but I’ll work them into my syns.

I need to focus on this now so I can be in control at Christmas.

I’ll check next week, just before I get weighed, to see what my result was this week and I’ll update my chart when I get back from Slimming World next Wednesday 🙂


Weekly weigh in – Gained 1lb

I gained 1lb this week and I totally blame Ant’s niece and her new husband because they had waiters and waitresses that kept refilling my champagne and wine glasses for hours last Saturday 😀

I have to admit I got a little tipsy and that’s very unusual for me as the last time I got drunk was about 10 years ago.

I was actually happy with the gain though because I was expecting a lot worse!

I’m ready to go for it now. I’ve had enough of messing. I want my 9 stone award and if I stick to it 100% from now until Christmas I can get there.

gained 1lb - weight chart

The grey squares are the ones I need to turn red in order to get my 9 stone award.
I did put my Christmas goal as getting back to my 85.stone weight loss weight but that was the easy option. This one means I need to push myself and knuckle down.

Weekly weigh in – 1.5lb lost

Weekly weigh in – Finally, it’s headed back in the right direction! It’s not as much as I was hoping for, but I think I have to be realistic now and stop thinking I can go back to losing big amounts like I did in the first year.
Slow and steady wins the race, as they say!


I set a Christmas goal today and that’s to be back down to 22 stone 8lb (the weight I was when I got my 8.5 stone award) by the last weigh in before Christmas. That’s 10 weigh-ins to lose 13lb.
I can do it!

weekly weigh in - weight loss chart



Weekly weigh in – Rubbish week again

It’s been a rubbish week again and I feel like I’m destined to stay this weight forever because I’ve been up and down this stone for months now.

rubbish week again


I gained 3.5lb today at weigh in which means I now need to add another number onto my chart and remove the pounds I lost over the last couple of weeks.

I’ve been fine about it all day but tonight I’m fed up with it all. It’s probably because I’m tired. When I wake up I’ll be back on track with my head in the right place but for now, I’m going to go to bed so I don’t make things worse and start eating more food because I’m feeling rubbish.

I’ve got to just pick myself up, dust myself down and start all over again.


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Wellbeing Wednesday


Weekly weigh in – 1lb lost

1lb lost this week and I was disappointed because I was aiming for 2lb.

I soon stopped that nonsense and celebrated the fact that I’m 1lb closer to my 8 and a half stone weight 🙂

The week ahead has a trip to Surprise View to remember the lovely Jack followed by a fish and chip lunch.
Far from dreading the fish and chips because of the high syns, I’m going to work in the syns with the rest of the week’s syns so I should still see a loss next Wednesday 🙂

Kaycee and Ella are going to help me organise a menu for the week in a little while so I’ll be set up for a good result!


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