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Slimming World Strawberry and Chocolate Pavlova

Kaycee (age 10) made me this wonderful strawberry pavlova for dessert. I’d tried a Slimming World meringue before and it was awful so I was a bit worried about wasting all the ingredients but this one uses sugar rather than sweetener so I thought we’d […]

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Weekly weigh in – September 30th

September 30th and I stayed on track despite my very disappointing gain last week and I’m very proud of myself that I didn’t come home and binge because of it.
I lost 1lb at weigh in today and whilst I tell everyone I weigh at the group that a pound is a good result, I didn’t feel it this week because I expected more.
I figured that if the gain last week came from water retention, I should have lost it this week but it wasn’t to be.

I’ve been planning my menu for the week and I’m hoping for a really good loss next week. I really want to hit my goal of getting my 8.5 stone award back before Christmas and I have 12 weigh ins to do it.
I have a weeks holiday at the end of October so I’ll need to be careful that week not to get a big gain.
We’re staying in a caravan at the coast and I know fish and chips, ice cream and doughnuts will be on the menu but if I get back on track as soon as the holiday is over, I’ll be able to stay the same.
I even lost 3lb my first year after going on holiday so maybe I’ll be able to do that again!

Me at 31 stone in August 2012 then me at 22.5 stone in August 2014


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Weekly weigh in – September 23rd

September 23rd and I was, initially, really disappointed with my 4lb gain this week because I’ve had another really good week, food wise. I’ve had lots of speed food, kept under my syns and measured my healthy extras.

When I checked my diary, however, I realised that the gain isn’t due to my food, it’s to do with the new birth control injection I’ve recently had and my body getting used to not having periods again. I was due one this week and I’ve felt bloated and uncomfortable for a couple of days.
I gained 3.5lb when I last had a star week so I’m now much happier because there’s a valid reason for the gain.

It also means I should see a good result next week as long as I can stay on track this week 🙂

Me at 31 stone in August 2012 then me at 22.5 stone in August 2014


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Weekly weigh in – September 16th

September 16th and I was very happy with my 2lb loss at Slimming World today. I’ve had a good week, been in control and I’m still determined to get my 8 and a half stone award back before Christmas 🙂
One of the things that help me stay on track is filling in a food diary. If I don’t write down what I eat I forget things and can go over my syn allowance without realising.
I’ll be really happy when I get out of the 23 stones and move down to the 22 stones! Losing 11lbs will see me back in the 22 stones and get me back my 8 stone award.
Me at 31 stone in August 2012 then me at 22.5 stone in August 2014

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Weekly weigh in – September 9th

September 9th and I feel like I’m properly back on Slimming World. I had a great week with a 6.5lb loss and my head is back in the game. I’ve stopped telling myself that a bit of something won’t hurt when I know that it will. The last 2 years have been proof of that!

The other day I was going to have a packet of crisps but when I checked the syn value, they would have taken me 1.5 syns over my limit so instead, I had a different packet of crisps that were lower in fat and syns so I stayed under.
The week before, I’d have said, sod it, and had 2 packets of crisps.

I’m back in control and it feels great 🙂

I’m aiming to lose 2lb next week. Wish me luck!


Me at 31 stone in August 2012 then me at 22.5 stone in August 2014

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Weekly weigh in – September 2nd

September 2nd and I didn’t get the loss I wanted. I got myself a huge gain instead but I’m not going to let it get me down, I’m going to use it to get me back on track.

I fell down the stairs on Sunday and hurt the same ankle I hurt when I fell out of the glamping tent when we went to Featherdown Farm in 2012.
It took over a year for my ankle to stop hurting and when I felt the pain in my ankle on Sunday, all I could think was that I couldn’t face having to go through all that again.
I had a good cry then spent the rest of the day feeling extremely sorry for myself and eating.

Back In Control

I knew I shouldn’t be eating all the rubbish but I couldn’t stop and it took all my willpower to get back in control yesterday.
I wasn’t going to go to Slimming World today but as usual, I talked myself into facing up to what I’d done and moving on.

I gained 6lb.

I’m not gaining again next week. I’m going to plan ahead and get rid of this gain and I am going to get back to my lowest weight of 22 and a half stone.
Today I was 24 stone 5lb which is nearly 2 stone heavier than I was in this photo…

I have 16 weigh-ins before Christmas so as long as I lose 2lb a week, I can get back to my lowest weight before then 🙂


Back with my weekly weigh ins

Back to my weekly weigh-ins – I’ve been doing Slimming World for 3 years now. I lost 7.5 stone in my first year and since then I’ve been maintaining the loss, which I’m extremely proud of as I usually go on diets, lose some then give up and put it all back on plus more.

I’ve never maintained a loss for so long and I’m determined not to put it back on. However, I’ve still got a long way to go and I want to knuckle down now and start losing again.

I’m making a new start from tomorrow (27th August) and I’m planning on losing another 7 and a half stone by this time next year 🙂

Today I weigh 23 stone, 13 and a half pounds.

Next week I want to weigh 23 stone, 11 pounds. Wish me luck!

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Slimming World Creamy Ham and Sweetcorn Jacket Potato

I reckon I could live on jacket potatoes if I had to. I love them and like trying to find new ways to top them so I don’t get bored; saying that though my favourite topping is probably classed as boring to most and that would […]

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Weekly weigh in – another gain

I’m a bit fed up with another gain (1/2lb) to be honest because unlike last week I haven’t had anything I shouldn’t and I’ve stayed on plan all week.

It’s annoying when I gain and I don’t know why but I’m just going to draw a line under it and try again.
I’m going to do an extra easy week instead of SP and see how I go.

It’s going to be nice having potatoes and pasta again after 6 weeks without any! I don’t know how I managed it for so long!

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another gain - food diary. pen, tomato and tape measure
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