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Girl’s Room – Makeover

The girl’s room is finished, finally 🙂
I can’t believe how long it took and I’m absolutely shattered but it was all worth it. The girl’s love it.

Here are the before photos…


After 🙂







Day Zero Project – 365 day photo challenge – 15 / 365

Ella’s been wanting to put her new wall stickers up all day since we bought them this morning. It took a lot of patience for her to have to wait so long but we’ve been busy putting Aiden’s new wardrobe together then getting all their books/toys/dolls/other stuff! back into their room.
She got all her glow in the dark stickers up but we ran out of time though so she still has loads more glitter stickers to put up tomorrow!
I finally feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m going to get all of the upstairs back in order tomorrow then work on the downstairs the day after.
After that, I’m going to rest…..for days!

Day Zero Project – 365 day photo challenge – 12 / 365

I’ve spent the day sanding wood then painting it all white; 1 large and 1 medium bookcase, 2 large shelves, 1 medium and 2 small shelves and all the brackets. I thought I’d finished but I forgot one item of furniture so I’ll have to get the gloss out again tomorrow. I don’t usually mind glossing but I have to admit I’ve had enough of it today and was looking forward to putting the gloss away and getting the emulsion out!

Day Zero Project – 365 day photo challenge – 9 / 365

I had such high hopes of getting both coats of paint done in the girl’s bedroom today but instead I spent the morning sleeping and the afternoon watching tv, taking ibuprofen and wishing this headache would go away.

It’s still lingering and we have to wait up for our Tesco delivery 🙁 It’s my own fault for not doing the order sooner so I could get an earlier slot but it’s still annoying when all you want to do is go to bed.

I got the kids to help clear the rest of the rest of the bedroom tonight before bed so hopefully I’ll be able to get lots done tomorrow.
As well as painting the walls, I have to empty Ant’s set of drawers that he keeps all his ‘bits and bobs’ in then paint the front of the drawers. They’re an orangy brown at the moment and the unit is white. I’m leaving the unit white but painting the drawer fronts the same pink as the walls.

I have a feeling the beds and wardrobe will be delivered while the house is turned upside down and I’ll have no room for them!


Time to get organised

New Year always brings with it a deep seated need in me to rearrange and reorganise the house.
I know Ant will now have a sinking feeling in his stomach after reading that because he dreads those words but it has to be done I’m afraid!
I’ve ordered Aiden a new wardrobe and I’ve also ordered two DVD shelf units from Very to accommodate our growing DVD collection. The bookcases we are using at the moment are most likely going to go into Aiden’s room as the white bookcase he has in there is broken. As you can see, the new DVDs the kids had for Christmas are piled on top of the shelves because we’ve run out of room.

I’m sending Aiden’s canvas Spongebob wardrobe to my sister’s for one of her boys. It was fine when Aiden was younger and all his clothes were small but now he’s getting bigger, it’s useless. His clothes won’t all fit in the hanging shelves and it’s been used as a place to store all his board games for the last couple of years. His clothes have been on the bottom two shelves of his bookcase, which isn’t a very good place for them either so I decided I’d had enough and he was having a proper wardrobe.
I want to give his room a new coat of paint to freshen it up and I’m looking at getting him a throw for his bed because he just can’t seem to keep duvet covers on the duvet! He asked if it could be painted because he said he’s too old for Spongebob now!

The girls are going to have new bunk beds and a wardrobe each and I also want to repaint their room. It’s been about 3 years since we last decorated it and it’s looking a bit grubby now. They currently each have their clothes in a 3 tier toy storage unit that we bought from Argos but they’re getting a bit small now.
I’m going to use these for their toys, along with the other unit they have that’s similar and hopefully that will provide enough toy storage for everything they got for Christmas.
I’m not doing a themed room when I decorate this time because it costs a fortune. We’re just having pink walls and maybe some butterfly stickers or something.
I’m going to get new tab top curtains and a curtain pole because I’m sick of the curtain hooks coming off and them looking messy all the time. I’ve also decided to get them pink canvas furniture for their room. They’ll love it more than a wooden wardrobe and as it’s cheaper I’ll be able to afford other units so they’ll have more storage.
I’ve just seen a half price offer in Argos for a pink canvas wardrobe set but obviously it’s out of stock everywhere! I hope it comes back in stock before the offer finishes but knowing my luck it won’t!
So the plan of action for today is to dismantle Aiden’s Spongebob wardrobe, empty his bookcase and sort all his stuff out.
I’m also going to take the princess tent down in the girl’s room and sort their clothes out. I need to get the toys put away so I might put the girl’s clothes in our room until we get the new furniture.
Granddad’s taking me to B&M so I can price up the curtains, pole and paint for each room and hopefully I’ll find out from Very when the new DVD shelves are going to be delivered. They arrived at the Lincoln depot on the 31st Dec so hopefully I won’t have to wait too much longer.
I’m eager to get started so I’m off to have breakfast and a coffee (Yummmmm Tassimo coffee!!), get the kids off to school and Ant off to work so I can get cracking 🙂

Revamping a set of drawers

This set of drawers has been at the bottom of the stairs since before I moved in with Ant.
It’s full of his tools, screws, ‘things that will come in handy one day!’ etc.
Things also get dumped on top of it and left there for years (it may sound like an exaggeration but that printer has been there 2 years at least and last week there was another printer next to it and a box of computer software books on top of the big printer!) and now I’ve had enough of having to look at it every time I walk downstairs.

I’m not sure how old it is but it’s seen better days! The wood veneer was chipped off on some of the drawers and it just looked old and tired.

I sanded it all and removed the veneer from one of the drawers due to more veneer coming off while I was sanding it.

I filled the other chips with wood filler and then painted on the primer….with a little help from Ella!

She really enjoyed helping, as she always does!
It took a few coats of paint but it’s finally done 🙂

I bought the dandelion stickers from eBay for about £5 and the paint from my local B&M store. The white paint cost £4.99 for 1.25 litres and I used less than a quarter of a tin and the brown paint was by Crown and was on sale for 49p!!
I was very happy with my bargain tin of paint!

I wasn’t sure about the brown when I first did it and was getting ready to repaint the drawers white but I’d already ordered the stickers and Ant suggested I waited until the stickers were on to see if I liked it then.

I loved it! The stickers made all the difference.



I came across a wonderful website called Cherry Menlove but unfortunately, as of 2017, it’s no longer available. The author of the site has inspired me to cut my addiction to Facebook and actually do things that needed doing around the house.

Inspired to make changes

Here’s what I’ve done since finding Cherry’s site a few weeks ago:

I finally got all of Aiden’s baby pictures out from under the bed and onto the wall, going up the stairs. They’ve been waiting to see the light for over 5 years!

At the bottom of the stairs, next to the front door, was a big white bookcase that stored loads of VHS tapes (yes, I do realise the world has moved onto DVDs, but we just can’t seem to rid ourselves of all those tapes….!) and it wasn’t a very pretty first impression when people came through the front door.

Swapping Furniture

At the top of the stairs, was a small, brown bookcase (holding more VHS tapes I’m afraid!) that I knew would look better in the place of the white one so I swapped them over.
This also opened up wall space and I was able to put pictures of the girls on the wall.
The hall looks so much nicer now although I haven’t quite finished.

Updating Furniture

There’s a set of drawers at the bottom of the stairs where Ant stores tools, nails, screws etc and it’s quite old. I’m thinking it’s in need of a loving makeover (I haven’t discussed it with Ant yet, but he usually tends to just let me get on with things around the house and only steps in when I ask for help!) but I’m not sure what I want to do with it yet.
I’m thinking it would be nice to change both the bookcase and the drawers in some way that will make them match and brighten up the area.

Kitchen Update

I wish I’d have thought to take pictures before I started but I wasn’t planning on blogging any of this (and yet again, Cherry is the reason I remembered this blog and decided it was high time I got it up to date!) so didn’t think until it was too late. I decided to move onto the kitchen while I think about what to do with the bookcase and the set of drawers.

Every time I went to the kitchen, my eyes would be drawn to the unit where we make drinks and I never liked what I saw.
No matter how many times I re-arranged things, it never looked tidy.


kitchen before

I was browsing Very online and came across some great storage boxes. The prices were quite good so I snapped them up and ordered them for next day delivery.
I had the rest of the day to fill while the children were at school. I set too and made some curtains out of an old tablecloth to hang under the shelf and hide the shoe box, bucket, clear plastic drawers etc.
We don’t have a sewing machine so I had to sew by hand, but it wasn’t a chore. I enjoyed making them, especially as I was recycling something that I would normally throw away.
Ant hung them for me when he got in from work and I was very pleased with how they turned out.

I eagerly awaited my delivery the next day and was so excited when it arrived!
I went straight in the kitchen, emptied the shelves and packed everything away in my new, lovely boxes.


Inspired - kitchen after

I must say, it felt so good seeing it looking 100% tidier!
My next kitchen project is to brighten up the cupboard doors until such time as we can afford a brand new shiny kitchen!!

While looking for material to make the curtains, I came across some old bedding and curtains that we no longer use.
They’re an assortment of purple and lilacs and would match the girls’ bedroom decor so I decided to make them each a patchwork quilt for the summer.
I know it’s going to take quite a while having to sew it all by hand but I made a start that afternoon and I’m enjoying it!
I’ll add a post and pictures when I’m done.

So, thanks to Cherry, I feel better about my kitchen and hall and I have projects on the go and in the pipeline.
It’s much more satisfying than playing games on Facebook!

Thanks, Cherry 🙂 xx

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