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domestic cleaning services - maid service
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Doing house chores can be quite tasking. Sometimes, we would need help with the dishes, doing the laundry, or cleaning the rooms. We can employ cleaning services to help with these duties. You might hire them for a one-time job or on a contract agreement.

When it involves hiring people for services such as this, you should take proper steps. Hiring someone who is not a member of a cleaning company carries a lot of risks. However, this seems to be the cheapest option.

Professional and reliable cleaning agencies charge a lot of money for their services. It is because they must pay for insurance, professional training for their staff, and others. Notwithstanding, the benefits of employing such services are desirable.

Finding a house cleaner or maid service can be tricky. There are several cleaners in the region but finding the right one for the job might take some time. There’s no doubt that finding a company that provides domestic cleaning in London and does so effectively, will be truly helpful.

To this end, our focus in this article will be helping you achieve this. We will be sharing eight tips that will help you handle the selection process a lot better.

8 Tips on Finding a Reliable House Cleaning Service in London

Finding a reliable domestic cleaner or maid can be less stressful with these eight steps below:

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Research

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In the global space, research is the mother of inventions and discoveries. It is a fact that several persons do not know how to research. However, it is easy. Much of what you need is access to the internet. You can research cleaning agencies in London. Write down ten suggestions gotten from your research. Put down their contact details. You can also get their office address as you might need to visit them.

Ask Around

Have you tried this? Research shows that most persons purchase services through referrals. Your friends and family members might have suggestions of domestic cleaners they had hired. You can save much time and sweat when you get a referral from them.

You should know that suggestions are not the Holy Grail. Despite good remarks on a service, you should make your findings. You can contact the cleaner to meet personally. Also, ask your referrers questions like how satisfied they were with the job done.

Consider Online Reviews but Do Not Bank on Them

It is a popular thing to read reviews before purchasing a product or service. However, some companies manipulate online reviews. While grasping this point, it is necessary to remember that too. Avoid employing domestic help based on only online reviews.

If an agency gets only good reviews, that might be an indication of foul play. Some persons will certainly be dissatisfied with the service. If the company has only poor reviews, it is also an indication of poor service.

You can consider agencies with a lower number of poor reports and a higher number of good ones. Another point you should take note of is how the company responds to bad reviews from customers. If they do not respond, it is a clear sign of poor customer service. You can click on  to know more about how to read reviews critically.

Check for Insurance and Workers Compensation

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Every company is required to have insurance coverage. It is the reason their fees are higher compared to independent cleaners.

Insurance is necessary, especially when it involves dealing with properties. Mistakes happen, and damages can likely occur during the cleaning process. If you hire an independent cleaner, you might end up paying for damages on your premises. Imagine replacing a beautiful glass flower vase you bought because a maid broke it.

It is common for some persons to forget this next point. Compensation is an amount paid to a worker if an accident occurs during work on your property. Let us say a worker falls while cleaning your ceiling fan and fractures his knees – he will be paid compensation to foot his medical bills.

Usually, the agency handles the compensation. An independent domestic help will not afford this benefit. In this case, you will have to pay for it. Checking for worker’s compensation is a vital point.

Look For More

Sometimes you might be confused about choosing between two agencies. Once this is the case, it is time to look for more. You can find out about their professional affiliations, endorsements, and years in service.

A company with affiliations and endorsements shows a significant amount of recognition. You can only get recognized when you render good services. Also, a good number of years in service is a plus. You can consider choosing an agency that’s over three years.

What Do They Have to Offer?

By now, you should have cut your list down to the best three. The next thing is to find out the services they render.

Some agencies offer only fixed services. It means that you do not decide what areas of your house you want cleaning. However, some allow you to make a request. If you desire only specific areas of your house to be cleaned, going for the latter is a better option.

It all depends on what is desirable to you. Choosing from any of the two groups should not be tasking.

Ask For a Copy of Their Policy

Before making your final selection, this step is necessary. You might want to understand the response to queries, rescheduling, and changing of service.

For some agencies, rescheduling or cancelling any arrangements made can accrue a fee. To avoid surprises, request a copy of their policy. It will help you prepare better.

Get To Know the Cleaners

After you have selected an agency for your domestic chores do not be in a hurry to let them in. It is proper that you know who is coming to your house.

You can cross-check their employment reference, biodata, and other vital information. Ensure the company you contracted does a proper screening on their workers before they are employed. You can carry out an integrity test on the workers before they begin work.


Do not rush the process. You can research before settling for domestic help. Ensure that you are hiring a recognized cleaning company and not an independent cleaner. The fee may be high, but the benefits outweigh this.

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