Top Interior Tips: Picking the Perfect Sofa

picking the perfect sofa

If you’re at that exciting point in your life where you get to design the layout of a lounge, or need to choose a new sofa, there are several things you should bear in mind. A sofa is a piece of furniture that is supposed to last you for years, commonly withstanding around 10 years of exhausting lounging, movie marathons, and whatever else you expose it to

That’s a long time to have one piece of furniture standing out as the main focal point in your living room, you’d better make the right choice!

So whether you choose to decorate with luxury furniture or lower end pieces, follow these tips to ensure you make the best possible choice for you as you design your ideal living space.

Style vs Comfort

This isn’t really a trade-off, you’re going to choose both. As the biggest piece of furniture in the heart of your home, you need to pick something that really compliments the room and makes you happy that you chose it, every time you see it. Not only that, but it needs to provide ultimate comfort at the end of a long day and stand the test of time, so make sure you try before you buy! Your idea of comfort is unique to you, so don’t leave any guesswork.

Colour Considerations

Let me remind you one more time, the sofa you’re about to choose might last you 10 years, whereas you may move house or redesign your living room before that time is up. So when it comes to colour, not only do you want to choose something that fits the room you’re designing now, but something that will be easy to incorporate into future themes if you decide to switch things up.

Dusky, neutral colours often fit well with multiple themes and give off an elegant feel. They also really complement smaller spaces as they can blend into a lightly decorated room and appear as though they are taking up less space. They don’t have to be boring though, they can be easily dressed up with pillows to add design features. The only thing you should worry about is how prone they are to stains.

A decade is a big commitment, so if you (understandably) struggle with making a final decision on what colour you’d like, that’s where sofa covers can come in handy. Each one is made-to-measure, designed to fit perfectly over your sofa, and can be removed as and when you like.

That means you can switch the colour of your sofa whenever you fancy, and as an extra bonus, they can be put straight into the washing machine if they ever get marked or stained. No mess, and no stress!

Bold colours or statement designs add an exciting pop to the room and go excellently with modern or minimalistic setups, drawing lots of attention to the sofa as a centrepiece. Check out some of these tips on how to decorate around a statement sofa and do it justice.

Size, Placement and Practicality

Obviously, you need to play with the space you have, but that doesn’t necessarily mean choosing a small sofa for a small room, or a large one for a large room. It might just mean placing your sofa in the corner to maximise floor space rather than centring it, or choosing to use your space to maximise other elements, like a fabulous bookshelf, or a coffee table chest with extra storage.

Just choose what is most relevant to you. If you have a big family or hold lots of events, make sure you have a big sofa to accommodate everyone. If you like to lounge on your sofa instead of heading to bed, make sure there’s space for you to sprawl out. If you need your living room to be multifunctional and fit a home office or space to do your ironing, go for something smaller.

When you have defined your specific needs in a couch, the search for your perfect sofa will become much easier!

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