The Lowdown On Designing A Small Living Room

Designing A Small Living Room

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A small room is a challenge, no matter if it is a bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. But one particular room that can be quite tricky to design in a compact space is a living room. When we imagine the perfect living room, we often think of a large room with very high ceilings, filled with furniture and appliances that make it comfortable and practical. But if you only have a diminutive home, then this dream will quickly evaporate.

Don’t worry, though; it’s still perfectly possible to create a dreamy living room in a very tight space. You just need to use these awesome tips when you start designing it.

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Do You Really Need A Coffee Table?

Most people think that a coffee table makes the entire living room. But that really isn’t the case! After all, a coffee table in front of your sofa will take up a lot of room and could be quite cumbersome in a very small living room. So, don’t feel that you need to add one. Alternatively, you could swap the traditional coffee table for something a little less usual. For instance, why not add some small side tables next to each end of the sofa? That way, everyone has a surface to place their drinks, but you don’t have a large table taking up way too much space in the centre of the room! You can also move the side tables a lot easier, making them a lot more convenient.

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Be Clever With Storage

When you have a small living room, you will need to prioritise important furniture and appliances as you won’t have room for everything. Once you have your sofas, armchairs, and entertainment equipment in the room, you might struggle to find any extra space for storage. Thankfully, though, there are some very clever ways you can incorporate storage into your room. TV units are a useful addition to a small living room as they provide you with a place for your TV and also have lots of compartments for additional storage. It’s also a good idea to look for sofas and armchairs that come with inbuilt storage units for even more storage options.

Add Lots Of Mirrors

If you are worried small living room looking quite dark and a bit too tiny, you can always hang some mirrors. Mirrors are great at reflecting light across a room and by increasing all the amount of light, you will find that the room seems to open up. Ideally, you should place mirrors right across from any windows or doors so that there is as much light streaming into them as possible. All of this light will bounce straight off and help illuminate your living room!

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Lift Your Curtains

Did you know that hanging your curtains much higher up will help create the illusion of space in a small room? Rather than placing the curtain rail just above the window, you should place it right under the ceiling. Then, you just need to make sure that the curtains come all the way down to the floor. This will help to make the room feel a lot taller than what it really is, which will open it up significantly

Use Bold And Bright Colours

Some people think that you need to play it safe with colours when it comes to designing small rooms. But I’m happy to say that that isn’t the case at all! You can go as bright and as bold as you want! Using vibrant colours will really help to lighten up the room and open it up. Plus, it will give it a really cheerful atmosphere!

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Keep Some Spare Seats

When you have a small living room, you might not be able to include as many seats as you’d like. So, when you have guests around, there might be enough space for everyone! This is why an extra stash of seats will come in very handy. You can buy some fold-up chairs that are easy to store so the next time you have some visitors, you will be able to find a somewhere to sit for everyone!

Be Smart With Art

Strategically positioning your artworks can help to make your room feel bigger. For example, if you hang paintings and pictures above the eye line, it will cause people to look up which can help the room’s ceilings feel higher than what they are.

Hopefully, you won’t struggle with your small living room after using these tips. So, why not start designing a new look for yours right now?!

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