5 Stylish Door & Window Colours For Your UK Home

We all know that kerb appeal matters at home. Our exteriors are the first and sometimes only things people see, after all. Despite our best efforts inside, shoddy or plain exteriors could quickly ruin the overall appearance.

That’s why many of us are now turning our attention to exteriors. It’s also why your doors and windows deserve a makeover. Think about it; our front doors and windows are the centrepiece of our exteriors. They’re akin to the chimney breast in your room – people look straight at them whether you make an effort or not. Back doors, too, have significant sway. Focusing some of your style prowess on either could transform your exteriors once and for all.

The question is, how exactly can you do your doors and windows proud? For the most part, colour is critical here, and we’re going to consider five of your best options.

1 – Black

Black interiors are all the rage. They’re sleek, stylish, and as modern as it gets. It makes sense, then, that you should turn your attention here with exterior features. Something simple like black-rimmed bi-fold doors, from A&B Asset, into the garden are guaranteed to do your house proud. They’ll look fresh out of the future while tying in perfectly with those black home features you’ve worked so hard to incorporate.

Black bi-fold doors

2 – Blue

Bright colours are all the rage on exterior features right now, and blue won’t let you down. A blue front door against a white house could add a real sense of seaside chic, while blue windows can bring a touch of sunny days even in grey weather. Yours would certainly be the brightest house on the street if you opted for these.

Blue front door

3 – Wood effect

Unlike the other colours on offer, wood effect doors and windows provide a natural finish that’s sure to complement any countryside home. Even in the city, these could incorporate a much-needed breath of fresh air. They look wonderful with brick facades and can bring a touch of the traditional that could complement even a modern building.

Wood effect windows

4 – Grey

We all love a touch of grey these days, don’t we? As with black, grey-rimmed bi-fold patio doors are a guaranteed way to add a chic modern touch at home. Equally, a grey front door could tie in well if you love grey interiors.

grey bi-fold doors

5 – Green

Similar to wood, green doors and windows are an effective way to invite nature right onto your exterior. This is ideal for tying in garden greenery, or even if you want to add a splash of nature to a curb-side house. The bright freshness of green features will undoubtedly see your home gaining the ‘look at me’ appeal on your street!

Chartwell green door

As you can tell from this list, window and door colours can say a lot more than you might previously have given them credit for. If you want to do your house proud, then, it’s past time you considered colour in these key features.

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