Rattan Garden Furniture: How to keep it looking great all year round

rattan furniture

Summer and Spring – Alfresco dining is always what we look out for when the season approaches. After the chilly winter months, it’s time to take the garden furniture out from the storage and make it ready to welcome the guests. When the winter approaches again, the task is to store them properly to avoid mould and moth infestation.
What if we could find some ways that meant we could enjoy our garden furniture outdoors all throughout the year? Brooks can help you with some tips and tricks that can keep your rattan garden furniture shining like new, always.

Clean your rattan furniture once every month

When you invest in quality rattan garden furniture, a once in a month cleaning using a mild dishwashing liquid diluted in water is sufficient. Take a soft bristle brush and try to reach the crevices and the grooves for deep cleaning.

It is important to let the garden furniture completely dry after a heavy downpour. Our garden furniture is made not only from quality HDPE rattan but also hand weaved by expert artisans over rustproof aluminium frames for extended longevity and durability. Rattan furniture is a low maintenance proposition but still, a little care from your side ensures that it stays newer for longer.

What to do when there is a stain?

Use a soft damp cloth immediately to scrub off the stain. For little difficult stains, you could use mild detergent and water solution. And when you are not successful, you could always ask for expert advice with the dealer you purchased your garden furniture from. Quality rattan garden furniture comes with a weather proof guarantee. Be sure to check this is offered with your furniture dealer.

Vacuum clean once or twice a year

If you have a brush attachment, it will help you penetrate deeper and loosen any dirt that has accumulated over time. You could even make a solution of a mild bleaching agent and lukewarm water. Take a soft cloth or soft brush and wash off the dirt and then rinse it completely to remove any standing water or detergent residue. The best way is to keep it under direct sunlight.

Rattan garden furniture is a piece of minimal maintenance furniture that stays sturdy and stylish for many more years and with a little more care you could add years to the furniture.

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