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Read 100 Books #17 Ryan’s Return

This was another freebie download from the Amazon Kindle store although it’s not free anymore! It’s worth the price though as it’s a great read for those who like chick lit.

Available at Amazon

It didn’t speed through the story, which I find often happens with these kind of books and it has a bit of everything I like; romance, ghosts, family feuds and a small town that I’d love to move to!
Ryan returns to his home town after years away travelling round the world taking wonderful photos.
He fell out with his dad and brother years ago and his return to the town is hard for them all.
It’s a nice easy read and I looked forward to going to bed each night so I could read some more!

I did mistakenly delete it from Kindle half way through reading it while we were away on holiday and didn’t have Internet access! I was really looking forward to finishing it while we were away and somehow (I still don’t know how to delete books from the Kindle without going to my Amazon account and doing it from there!) I accidentally pressed something which deleted the book on the first night we were there.
I couldn’t wait to get home, sign into Amazon and send it back to my Kindle!

Read 100 Books – #16 Bah Humbug

This was a nice light read and if like me, you love Christmas, it’s perfect to read at this time of year; not quite the holiday season but close enough to bring forth a little frisson of excitement every now and then!
I’m a sucker for a love story and Bah Humbug didn’t disappoint.
I suppose it helped that the main characters both had jobs that I envy! As the product description says, Lexi  is a Martha Stewart type television presenter who also happens to be a single mum to two children while her love interest, Kyle, is an author suffering from writer’s block and not a fan of Christmas.
A bit predictably, she helps get him in the Christmas spirit and break through his writer’s block and he helps her find a family again.
Some people might read the word, predictable, as a negative but it isn’t for me…I read these kind of stories for the predictability I like to know what’s coming next; it’s what makes a nice easy read when all you want to do is relax a while and slip into a different world.

If you’re wanting a book to sit and relax for a few hours with, this one’s for you, especially as it’s free on Amazon Kindle right now 🙂


Read 100 Books – #15 Felicia’s Journey

I’d been looking forward to reading this for quite a while. I first saw the DVD on Amazon and added it to my wish list as the blur. Someone bought it for me and I’d put off watching it because I wanted to read the book first.
Last month I treated myself to the book and delved right in.

It started off OK, a bit slow but I figured it would pick up pace, which it did for a while. Then for the last quarter of the book it started to get boring.
I was, quite frankly, a bit confused with the turn the story took and if I’m honest, a bit disappointed when the so called ‘plot twist’ that had made me so eager to read this book, didn’t do anything for me at all.

I bought the book because of the reviews on Amazon and the quote at the top of the book which says, ‘So brilliant it compels you stay up all night, galloping through to the end’, and I have to say, I’m quite annoyed that I wasted my money!

This obviously shows just how different people’s views of books can be because the majority of reviews I read raved about this book, so please, don’t let my view of it put you off. It might just be a book you’ll absolutely love so the only thing to do is read it and make up your own mind! Can you tell I feel guilty towards the author?!

I’ll watch the film soon and see how the two compare. Here’s hoping I get more enjoyment out of the film than I did the book, which is quite unusual for me.

Read 100 Books – #14 She’s gotta be mine

I recently read, She’s gotta be mine by Jennifer Scully and I have to say, I really enjoyed it.

Roberta is left by her husband who is still in love with his old high school sweetheart. He didn’t get closure when they split up and it affected his whole married life.
Roberta decides to follow her husband, Warren, to Cottonmouth and gives herself a complete makeover, including a new name and attitude to show Warren what he’s missing.

It moves at a nice pace and introduces some great characters along the way. The description of small town life makes me want to pack up and move there!

This book has romance, murder mystery and a touch of comedy. All in all, it’s a lovely summer read and being free makes it totally worth downloading!

Read 100 Books – #13 Beyond Hades

To say I enjoyed this book is an understatement. I LOVED it! I found myself checking the progress bar at the bottom of the page on my Kindle and hoping there was still loads left to read!

Purchase from Amazon

I then found myself wondering how there could be much more left to read when there had already been so much action!

I’m a big fan of movies like Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of the Titans so this book was a perfect read for me.
The description of the people and places was excellent and enabled me to see everything clearly in my mind; I was swept into the different worlds and felt the pain of one of the rifts right alongside Talbot and Wes.

I can’t wait for the next book in the series; as soon as it’s released I’ll be having it sent to my Kindle 🙂

Also by Luke Romyn – My review of The Dark Path

Read 100 Books #12 The One You Love



This is another free book I got for my Kindle; I have to say I’m loving all the free Kindle books available!

The One You Love is a novel packed full of suspense; sometimes a bit too much suspense and it just gets annoying! If you can ignore the little niggles of annoyance though, it’s a good story and one that made me want to keep reading to find out who what had happened to Dan.

Emma came across as a lovely person and it seemed so unfair that all these bad things kept happening to her, but I suppose that’s how it is when you get stalked.

The author, Paul Pilkington has two more books available for Kindle and I’ll be downloading them soon 🙂

Read 100 Books – #11 The Dark Path


More reviews here

I hadn’t heard of Luke Romyn until I first started using Twitter. I checked out his website then the reviews on Amazon and as a horror fan I knew I had to download his book, The Dark Path.

I wasn’t disappointed. It hooked me in from the start and kept me turning the page. I liked the supernatural aspect and the fact that somehow, you’re made to care for the ‘villian’, Vain.
You’d never think it possible after the horrible things he does at the start of the story but by the end, you’re wanting him to win and wanting him to find himself again.

It takes you through a range of emotions, one of them being complete and utter sadness. I actually cried when I found out why Vain had turned evil.

I’m now reading Beyond Hades by the same author and again, I’ve been hooked; I’m on the first chapter and I can’t wait to get the kids in bed tonight to read some more!

You can follow Luke on Twitter – @LukeRomyn

Read 100 books – #10 – Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

I’ve loved Charlie and the chocolate factory, the book and the movie, for as long as I can remember and it was so lovely sharing it with my girls.

They enjoyed it but they seemed to prefer George’s Marvellous Medicine and The Twits judging by how many times they asked for ‘just one more chapter’  in the previous 2 books!

They haven’t picked a Roald Dahl book for their next bedtime story. KayCee chose Horrid Henry meets the Queen.
Ella doesn’t seem very impressed so we’ll see whether we get to finish it or whether they’ll decide to pick something else!

Read 100 books #7 – Dracula

My 7th book (hope I’m not confusing anyone with already having posted books 8 and 9 before this one! The girls and I read 2 other books while I was working my way through this one) and the choice for April was Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It was a free kindle download from Amazon.

It was written in the late 1800s so I expected it to be a hard to read but I was pleasantly surprised. It kept me hooked for most of the book but towards the end of April, and the end of the book, it started to drag a little; I felt the need to take a break from it so I started working my way through a sudoku book.

I finished it this morning and even though I had to take a break from it, I would still recommend it as a great read. After all, they say it’s a classic and I’d have to agree 🙂

My next book, which I’ve just started is The Dark Path by Luke Romyn. I’ll be back to tell you all about it soon!

Read 100 books – #9 – The Twits

Well we finished The Twits very quickly because the girls loved it that much, they kept asking for ‘just one more chapter’ whenever we came to the end of a chapter!
As with George’s Marvellous Medicine, they laughed out loud in lots of places and truly looked forward to story time each night.

They couldn’t decide whether to read Matilda or Charlie and the chocolate factory next so after a bit of discussion, they settled on Charlie and the chocolate factory.

We started it on Sunday night when they get home from Aiden’s dad’s and I’m loving it because as I said before, it was one of my favourite books when I was younger 🙂

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