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Well that was easy! #WorldBookDay

It got a bit stressful there for a while when both girls couldn’t decide which book character they wanted to dress up as but thanks to David Walliams and his Gangsta Granny, all we had to do was pick normal clothes, paint an eye mask on each girl and fill a pillowcase with some ‘loot’!



Ella was going to be the witch from The Wizard of Oz until she realised that being a Gangsta Granny meant she got to take lots and lots of things to school in her ‘loot’ bag that she wouldn’t normally be allowed!!
She was very excited last night and said to Kaycee and Aiden, “guys, if we hurry up and go straight to sleep, morning will be here much quicker!”.
I don’t think she’s ever been so eager to get to school 🙂


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