Day Zero Project – Read 100 books – #1

I’ve just finished my first book from the 100 I have to read before my Day Zero time is up.

I read, We need to talk about Kevin and I have to say, it’s not one of the best books I’ve read but only because I didn’t like the writing style at all.

I thought the story was really very good but the writing was sometimes hard for me. The following is taken from a review on Amazon and I agree with the reviewer….
It would probably be deserving of 5 stars in my opinion but I did find the writing slightly off-putting and possibly even sometimes pretentious(almost using complex words for the sake of it). However do not let that put you off- this is a stunning book.
I put up with the writing style because I was hooked on the story before I’d even started reading it. The twist at the end totally shocked me.
I can’t wait to see the movie….I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

The next on the list is Cuckoo by Julia Crouch.

The following is taken from Amazon:

A dark, juicy, deliciously unsettling, read-it-in-one-sitting psychological drama.Rose has it all – the gorgeous children, the husband, the beautiful home. But then her best friend Polly comes to stay. Very soon, Rose’s cosy world starts to fall apart at the seams – her baby falls dangerously ill, her husband is distracted – is Polly behind it all? It appears that once you invite Polly into your home, it’s very difficult to get her out again…