Read 100 Books – #15 Felicia’s Journey

I’d been looking forward to reading this for quite a while. I first saw the DVD on Amazon and added it to my wish list as the blur. Someone bought it for me and I’d put off watching it because I wanted to read the book first.
Last month I treated myself to the book and delved right in.

It started off OK, a bit slow but I figured it would pick up pace, which it did for a while. Then for the last quarter of the book it started to get boring.
I was, quite frankly, a bit confused with the turn the story took and if I’m honest, a bit disappointed when the so called ‘plot twist’ that had made me so eager to read this book, didn’t do anything for me at all.

I bought the book because of the reviews on Amazon and the quote at the top of the book which says, ‘So brilliant it compels you stay up all night, galloping through to the end’, and I have to say, I’m quite annoyed that I wasted my money!

This obviously shows just how different people’s views of books can be because the majority of reviews I read raved about this book, so please, don’t let my view of it put you off. It might just be a book you’ll absolutely love so the only thing to do is read it and make up your own mind! Can you tell I feel guilty towards the author?!

I’ll watch the film soon and see how the two compare. Here’s hoping I get more enjoyment out of the film than I did the book, which is quite unusual for me.

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