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Read 100 Books #19 – Nobody True

I just realised that I forgot to publish this post when I finished the book a few months ago! I now have another book post out of sequence, just to confuse me when I’m trying to keep track of the books I’ve read for my day zero project!

Anyway, onto my thoughts about the next James Herbert story that I read.

You may have heard me mention that I’m a new James Herbert fan after watching The Secrets Of Crickley Hall last year on ITV.

I’m really enjoying his books and this one didn’t disappoint.

James True is able to leave his own body which he unfortunately does on the night someone murders him. We follow him as he tries to come to terms with his murder and to protect the family he left behind. However, he finds that this isn’t easily done when you can’t touch anyone or anything.

It kept me turning the pages and made me have too many late nights when I just couldn’t put it down!

Read 100 books #21, 22 and 23 – The Hunger Games trilogy

To say I enjoyed these books would be an understatement! I haven’t read any books as quickly as I read these, in a long time.

While we were on holiday in our glamping tent last October, Aiden borrowed The Hunger Games from the honesty shop and read it in a few days. He really enjoyed it so my mum bought him the trilogy for Christmas.
He whizzed through them and I think it’s fair to say he seemed to enjoy them more than any other books he’s read, even Harry Potter! I know he loves the HP books but he wasn’t always getting his jobs done quickly so he could get back to them like he did with The Hunger Games.

He kept telling me I should read them so once I’d finished Nightingale Woods I picked up The Hunger Games and didn’t look back. I started reading it around March 10th and yesterday I finished the third book.
Three books in less than a month is a record for me (well, only since having kids! before that I could read a book or two a week depending on my job!). I was in turmoil because I wanted to read and read and read to find out what happened but I also didn’t want them to end and felt really sad when they finally did; it was like I was leaving some old friends, never to see them again.

The writer did a brilliant job of getting me to care about the characters, I mean, really, truly care about them; I wanted them to be safe and get their happy ever afters. I nearly cried when people died, I felt their anger when they had to deal with the starvation and unfair treatment and I wanted more than anything, to kill President Snow!

I watched the movie the other day and enjoyed that as well. I can’t wait to see the next two!

Read 100 Books # 20 – Nightingale Woods

I wasn’t sure about this book when I first started reading it. I’ve discovered I’m not a fan of the diary format that’s used in the beginning of the book but the story was good enough to make me want to keep reading.

I did enjoy it more when the diary part ended about half way through and for the most part, I wanted Rachel to get her man and live happily ever after, even though she’s the other woman!
I don’t want to ruin the ending so I won’t say anything except that I was a little disappointed and felt it ended a bit too soon.
I really can’t elaborate without giving away what happens so I’ll leave it there!

I looked forward to reading Nightingale Woods after reading Discovery at Rosehill by the same author and I wasn’t disappointed; I love Kathryn’s writing style and hope to read more by her in the future 🙂

Well that was easy! #WorldBookDay

It got a bit stressful there for a while when both girls couldn’t decide which book character they wanted to dress up as but thanks to David Walliams and his Gangsta Granny, all we had to do was pick normal clothes, paint an eye mask on each girl and fill a pillowcase with some ‘loot’!



Ella was going to be the witch from The Wizard of Oz until she realised that being a Gangsta Granny meant she got to take lots and lots of things to school in her ‘loot’ bag that she wouldn’t normally be allowed!!
She was very excited last night and said to Kaycee and Aiden, “guys, if we hurry up and go straight to sleep, morning will be here much quicker!”.
I don’t think she’s ever been so eager to get to school 🙂


World Book Day Costumes

It’s World flipping Book Day again this week.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against it at all, I LOVE books and think it’s wonderful that my kids share my love for them but every year, trying to find a book character costume causes me nothing but grief!

Thankfully Aiden’s at secondary school now so I don’t have to worry about finding him something to wear but the girls are excited about it and I’m trying to get something organised now so I’m not rushing round the night before trying to find/make/buy something ready for the the morning.

It’d be much easier if it didn’t take them 3 days to finally decide on the character they want to be and when they do, you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be something that’s easy to put together!

The only time we’ve ever been organised for a world book day dress up was a few years ago and Aiden decided to go as Mad Eye Moody from Harry Potter.
Ant made a brilliant wand and staff out of papier mache and the eye out of the ball from a roll on.

We certainly don’t have time to create anything like this again so I’m keeping my fingers crossed they both pick something nice and easy this year!

Do you like World Book Day dress up day or does it strike dread into the pit of your stomach like it does to me?!

Read 100 Books #18 The Secret of Crickley Hall

I’m a new James Herbert fan and that’s all thanks to the showing of The Secret of Crickley Hall on ITV last year.
I love a good ghost story and I was hooked with this one. I think maybe the fact that I saw the TV show before reading the book may have ruined it a little for me. I prefer to read first then watch but I have to admit, when I saw on the opening titles that it was written by James Herbert I had to go to Amazon to find out who he was and what books he’d written.
I couldn’t believe that I’d not heard of him when he writes about ghosts and the supernatural!

I was lucky enough to be given loads of his books for Christmas from my girls and I’m now looking forward to going to bed every night to read more of my Nobody True book. I’m about two thirds of the way through and loving it!

Anyway, back to Crickley Hall….

Eve and Gabe Caleigh move to Crickley Hall with their daughters after suffering through a horrible year. Gabe hopes the change of scene will help Eve come to terms with the loss of their son who went missing a year ago.
Crickley Hall is big and old with a river that runs through the front garden and under the building. The cellar houses an old well that goes down to the river and is one of the reasons why the house is always cold.
As well as following the story of Gabe and Eve in the present day we also meet the owners of Crickley Hall during the war years and get to know the children that were evacuated there.

Chilling in places and extremely emotive in others, it’s a great read and I thank ITV for introducing me to excellence that is James Herbert 🙂

My Little Big Town – Book Reviews

Books sent to us by My Little Big Town

Why do kids love all things disgusting?! My first thought when Kaycee read, ‘Stuart the bug eating man’, to us at bedtime was, eurghhhhh!

If you read it, I bet you’ll feel the same; the kids, however, thought it was great!
Stuart would eat bugs,
with his fork and knife,
much to the disgust of
Harriet, his wife
Ella giggled, Aiden smiled and Kaycee absolutely loved reading it to us. Rhyming books are brilliant for young readers and even Ella (5) wanted to have a go at reading to us.
We ended up reading all three twisted tales that night; Jenny was Kaycee’s favourite while Pale Henry was loved by Ella.
I got a little worried when we started reading Jenny because I thought the girls were going to get scared before bed. I figured we’d end up with them coming downstairs saying they couldn’t sleep because of the book but it turned out, instead of being a helpless little girl who gets scared in the dark and hides under her covers, Jenny is actually one tough cookie and goes out hunting werewolves!
Kaycee said the book is brilliant because it looks likes it’s going to take ages to read but really it’s the perfect length for a bedtime story and the best bit is that it rhymes.
Pale Henry is about a boy who never goes out so is sickly, thin and pale. He decides to face his fears and has a great time outside with the other kids 🙂
Ella’s had the three books in her school bag all week and has been asking her teachers to read them! I had to ask to borrow them so I can write this review and they’re now safely back in her bag!
Both girls enjoyed Anisha’s Adventures in Bangladesh and thought the magical flying pony was wonderful.
Ella now wants one for herself! It’s a great book that helps children learn about Bangladesh and we’d like to see more of Anisha’s Adventures in other countries.
The final book we were sent was Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator. Kaycee’s reading this every night after school as part of her home reading and whilst we’ve only just begun reading it, I can tell it’s going to be another book that the children find funny and I find gross, especially when one of the chapters is called, The Big Brown Bag Of Poo Prank!
All three of them asked if I could buy the next set of twisted tales that the books say are coming soon so I’ll be on the lookout for them 🙂

Read 100 Books #17 Ryan’s Return

This was another freebie download from the Amazon Kindle store although it’s not free anymore! It’s worth the price though as it’s a great read for those who like chick lit.

Available at Amazon

It didn’t speed through the story, which I find often happens with these kind of books and it has a bit of everything I like; romance, ghosts, family feuds and a small town that I’d love to move to!
Ryan returns to his home town after years away travelling round the world taking wonderful photos.
He fell out with his dad and brother years ago and his return to the town is hard for them all.
It’s a nice easy read and I looked forward to going to bed each night so I could read some more!

I did mistakenly delete it from Kindle half way through reading it while we were away on holiday and didn’t have Internet access! I was really looking forward to finishing it while we were away and somehow (I still don’t know how to delete books from the Kindle without going to my Amazon account and doing it from there!) I accidentally pressed something which deleted the book on the first night we were there.
I couldn’t wait to get home, sign into Amazon and send it back to my Kindle!

Read 100 Books – #16 Bah Humbug

This was a nice light read and if like me, you love Christmas, it’s perfect to read at this time of year; not quite the holiday season but close enough to bring forth a little frisson of excitement every now and then!
I’m a sucker for a love story and Bah Humbug didn’t disappoint.
I suppose it helped that the main characters both had jobs that I envy! As the product description says, Lexi  is a Martha Stewart type television presenter who also happens to be a single mum to two children while her love interest, Kyle, is an author suffering from writer’s block and not a fan of Christmas.
A bit predictably, she helps get him in the Christmas spirit and break through his writer’s block and he helps her find a family again.
Some people might read the word, predictable, as a negative but it isn’t for me…I read these kind of stories for the predictability I like to know what’s coming next; it’s what makes a nice easy read when all you want to do is relax a while and slip into a different world.

If you’re wanting a book to sit and relax for a few hours with, this one’s for you, especially as it’s free on Amazon Kindle right now 🙂


Read 100 Books – #15 Felicia’s Journey

I’d been looking forward to reading this for quite a while. I first saw the DVD on Amazon and added it to my wish list as the blur. Someone bought it for me and I’d put off watching it because I wanted to read the book first.
Last month I treated myself to the book and delved right in.

It started off OK, a bit slow but I figured it would pick up pace, which it did for a while. Then for the last quarter of the book it started to get boring.
I was, quite frankly, a bit confused with the turn the story took and if I’m honest, a bit disappointed when the so called ‘plot twist’ that had made me so eager to read this book, didn’t do anything for me at all.

I bought the book because of the reviews on Amazon and the quote at the top of the book which says, ‘So brilliant it compels you stay up all night, galloping through to the end’, and I have to say, I’m quite annoyed that I wasted my money!

This obviously shows just how different people’s views of books can be because the majority of reviews I read raved about this book, so please, don’t let my view of it put you off. It might just be a book you’ll absolutely love so the only thing to do is read it and make up your own mind! Can you tell I feel guilty towards the author?!

I’ll watch the film soon and see how the two compare. Here’s hoping I get more enjoyment out of the film than I did the book, which is quite unusual for me.

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