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My Little Big Town – Book Reviews

Books sent to us by My Little Big Town

Why do kids love all things disgusting?! My first thought when Kaycee read, ‘Stuart the bug eating man’, to us at bedtime was, eurghhhhh!

If you read it, I bet you’ll feel the same; the kids, however, thought it was great!
Stuart would eat bugs,
with his fork and knife,
much to the disgust of
Harriet, his wife
Ella giggled, Aiden smiled and Kaycee absolutely loved reading it to us. Rhyming books are brilliant for young readers and even Ella (5) wanted to have a go at reading to us.
We ended up reading all three twisted tales that night; Jenny was Kaycee’s favourite while Pale Henry was loved by Ella.
I got a little worried when we started reading Jenny because I thought the girls were going to get scared before bed. I figured we’d end up with them coming downstairs saying they couldn’t sleep because of the book but it turned out, instead of being a helpless little girl who gets scared in the dark and hides under her covers, Jenny is actually one tough cookie and goes out hunting werewolves!
Kaycee said the book is brilliant because it looks likes it’s going to take ages to read but really it’s the perfect length for a bedtime story and the best bit is that it rhymes.
Pale Henry is about a boy who never goes out so is sickly, thin and pale. He decides to face his fears and has a great time outside with the other kids 🙂
Ella’s had the three books in her school bag all week and has been asking her teachers to read them! I had to ask to borrow them so I can write this review and they’re now safely back in her bag!
Both girls enjoyed Anisha’s Adventures in Bangladesh and thought the magical flying pony was wonderful.
Ella now wants one for herself! It’s a great book that helps children learn about Bangladesh and we’d like to see more of Anisha’s Adventures in other countries.
The final book we were sent was Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator. Kaycee’s reading this every night after school as part of her home reading and whilst we’ve only just begun reading it, I can tell it’s going to be another book that the children find funny and I find gross, especially when one of the chapters is called, The Big Brown Bag Of Poo Prank!
All three of them asked if I could buy the next set of twisted tales that the books say are coming soon so I’ll be on the lookout for them 🙂

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