Dream Garden Plans

We’re not used to having such a nice summer in this country. We often get a couple of good days in June or the start of July. The joke we usually see floating around the internet is ‘well summer was nice while it lasted!’.
This year we seem to be having endless hot days with no sign of rain. This is great if you like hot days, not so great when you have loads of physical work to do to get your dream garden!

dream garden

Dream Garden Plans

You’ve probably seen my numerous posts about our garden plans. They seem to be constantly changing! Our new plan is to clear the top of the garden, remove the old sheds and build a brand new big one that will have a few different functions.

Ant has a vision in his head of a shed/summer house that will go at the very top of the garden and from one side to the other.
He wants to build it from scratch himself as he did with the patio cover and the new BBQ area that he calls, The Grotto! He wants to build in some storage for garden tools as well as somewhere to sit and while away the day, drinking a cold beer and watching the girls have fun in the pool.

Hot Tub

I’m thinking about getting an inflatable hot tub. It’ll have to be hidden from view of the neighbours, though, because I’m shy! I haven’t told Ant about the hot tub plans yet, but I don’t think he’ll mind 🙂

The girls will probably get more use out of it than I will because they’ll be inviting all their friends around every night for a hot tub party!

hot tub
Ours will have to have a bigger screen round it so no one can see me getting in!

Borders and Herb garden

The old border that we dug up last year has now been overtaken with weeds. We need to get it cleared and planted up with fruit bushes.

Ant also wants a herb garden next to his BBQ area. It needs digging out before we can buy all the plants needed to fill it.


Lots Of Hard Work Ahead

It’s going to take weeks of hard, physical work to get the garden in shape.
The work can be made easier by inviting family to a gardening party! We feed them and keep them hydrated and they, in turn, help us dig and dismantle and clear out the rubbish 🙂


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