Gardening Party and BBQ For The Family

Gardening Party



The weather this past week has been awesome! I’m actually quite surprised at how nice it’s been, what with a bank holiday weekend coming up. The weather people are telling me there’s more of this lovely sunshine to come so we’ve planned a BBQ and gardening party for the family.

We have lots of work to do in the garden, as you may well know if you’ve been reading my garden updates and we need help. There’s too much to get done on our own. I figured if we fed and watered the family, they’d come and give us a hand!


As well as all the bushes to dig up….

Gardening party - bushes to dig up

the top part of the garden seems to have been taken over by a bramble.

I think it’s blackberry but I’m not 100% sure. It’s very sneaky, seemingly to have seeded itself and spread without our knowledge! Seriously, though, I was very surprised to see how big it is after only seeing a tiny plant just peeking through, last year! I dug some up when we were working up there on the shed and greenhouse but obviously I didn’t get it all.

It’s going to be a big job to cut it back and dig it up and it’s one I’m not looking forward to at all.


Peach Tree

We have a peach tree that has some kind of infection. I believe it’s called peach leaf curl from what I’ve been able to find out on Google. I thought we were going to have to dig it up but it seems we can treat it in autumn using a fungicide spray.
Fingers crossed it’ll be back to good health next year Smile

Peach tree leaf curl

There are also 2 butterfly bushes to dig up. One of them was a Mother’s Day present some years ago. The other was a self-seeder that I ignored last year and is now just about taller than me!

Gardening party - butterfly bush

It’s going to be a busy, but hopefully, fun day Smile

Don't be shy, come and talk to me! :o)

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