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We’ve decided to cut down on a number of TV shows we record so that we have more time to watch our Netflix shows.

Big Bang Theory

At the moment, Ant and I are on season 2 of The Big Band Theory.

Netflix What We're Watching - The Big Bang Theory

I have no idea why we haven’t watched this before. It’s brilliant. The downside to it, though, is that Ant finds it so funny, he laughs out loud. Very. Loud.
Because we don’t watch it until the kids are bed, I worry that he’s going to wake them or disturb the neighbours!

After getting back from our holiday last year, our neighbours asked if we’d been on holiday because they hadn’t heard Ant laughing for the week!

Designated Survivor

The next show we’re enjoying is Designated Survivor.

Netflix What We're Watching - Designated Survivor

I like Kiefer Sutherland and this is a really interesting program. We have a thing for American political dramas at the moment.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Another of our favourites is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Netflix What We're Watching - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

It’s a bit daft but I think that’s what appeals to us about it.

Gilmore Girls, A Year In The Life

I started watching The Gilmore Girls, A Year In The Life.

Netflix What We're Watching - Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life

I’ve not finished episode 1 yet and I started it weeks ago. I just don’t seem to get time to finish it. I was so looking forward to it as well. Hopefully, now we’ve stopped recording so many TV shows, I’ll get to watch all the episodes!

13 Reasons Why

Last year I read 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I really enjoyed and it and was excited to watch the show.

Netflix What We're Watching - 13 Reasons Why

It hasn’t disappointed so far. I’m on episode 7 which is Tape 4, Side A.
It centres on Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen. Hannah commits suicide. Before she does, she makes some tapes that tell of 13 people who did things to her that made her decide to end her life.

Once Upon A Time

I used to watch Once Upon A Time but as with everything else, I haven’t had time recently.

Netflix What We're Watching - Once Upon A Time

Kaycee, though, is now hooked and has nearly watched every series. She’s soon going to have to wait each week for the new episodes to be released!

I’m very nosy and would love to know what you’re watching on Netflix?!

Don't be shy, come and talk to me! :o)

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