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How to easily find doors for your brand-new home

internal doors
Image by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay

Buying a home is an exciting, if somewhat stressful, time. It is the start of a new era of your life and it is likely you want everything to be just perfect. However, when you start to look at the magnitude of items you need to consider, it can be a little overwhelming – and that’s not even including the sale of your previous home and the purchase of your new one!

Cutting corners isn’t what anyone wants to do unless they know they aren’t missing out on something better. Having some advice and tips on the easiest ways to do things can be a huge help as time will be of the essence, plus you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you aren’t compromising the quality of items in your home or the price you pay.

Certain areas of your interior design can seem more exciting than others. So rather than overlooking some because you’re feeling overwhelmed, make sure that you make life easy for yourself by following these tips to easily find internal doors for your brand-new home. At least then you can have one job ticked off your list in no time!

Go online

We all know the internet is amazing and extremely useful for online shopping. But there are items you wouldn’t normally think you could or should buy online. But don’t let your doors be one of them! By buying them online you will have access to a much broader range of styles like internal glazed doors, finishes and materials than you otherwise might have. You’ll also be able to compare prices easily, check reviews and ascertain service levels such as how long they will take to arrive, what the returns policy is and any aftercare support on offer.

If your budget is exceptionally tight, you might want to see what is available in online auction sites to get the most for your money. Don’t forget though, if you need any more at a later date, you might struggle to match the style of the others you’ve already purchased.

Visit local DIY stores

This is still a preferred way for many and with good reason – you can sometimes physically see the items in the shop before you order them so you know exactly what you will be getting. However, given the range available, your selection might be limited or you might end up having to choose from a catalogue which sort of defeats the point!

Ask for recommendations

If someone you know has recently done up a house, they might have already done all the hard work for you so just ask! Their hours of research and any mistakes they made will be incredibly valuable to you and will ensure you get the best doors for your home. Just make sure you go to people whose opinion you trust to avoid disappointment!

Shopping around can be an extremely time-consuming and frustrating task especially in this day and age with such an overwhelming amount of choice. It’s always best to spend some time researching but only whilst it’s productive. Use the internet to your advantage and you’ll get the best doors for your home with ease.

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5 Tips To Paint Furniture At Home

If you are a fan of DIY projects, you may have tried to paint furniture at home or you are giving it a thought. You could be wondering how you can paint your furniture and make it as good as that in a showroom.

Check this out on how you can do just that.

  1. Fill any holes or chipped surfaces

If your furniture has holes, pitted or chipped surfaces, fill it up using wood filler. Any overlap will be sanded down. Scrape the excess filler using a putty knife.

  1. Start by sanding

Many people skip sanding and they go straight to painting which in turn ends up with chipping paint. Sanding is important because it gives the primer somewhere to hold on to which prevents chipping in future. It also removes any lacquer or varnish on the furniture.

Use medium-duty sandpaper, but if the surface has thick varnish, use heavy-duty sandpaper. Be keen on areas where you had applied wood filler to ensure they are flush with the other surface.

If the surface is large, consider using an orbital sander and then finish off the nooks and crannies with a sanding block.

Wipe the residue using a tack cloth.

  1. Apply primer

Apply primer to your furniture and allow it to dry. You can apply up to 3 coats. Allow the previous coat to dry before applying another one.

Use the instructions provided on the can. Once one coat is dry, remove the drips using a sanding block or fine-grit sandpaper, and wipe the residue using a tack cloth.

You can use a paint roller for the even surfaces and a brush for the edges and corners. Better still if you have a spray primer since it is faster and gives an even job.

The primer prevents stains from getting through the paint. Ensure the primer matches the paint. If you intend to use latex paint, then use latex primer and if you want to use oil-based paint, use an oil-based primer.

While it provides better stain blocking and adhesion, an oil-based primer tends to have a strong smell. Therefore, ensure there is good ventilation where you are working.

Paint, paintbrushes

  1. Paint

You can use either oil-based paint or latex paint. If you use latex paint, you can choose from various sheens including satin, oil-based enamel, flat or semi-gloss acrylic latex.

To achieve the best results, you should apply three light coats of paint on the furniture instead of a single heavy one. Give each coat 6 hours to dry before applying the next coat. Ensure to sand any residue or drips between the coats and wipe using a tack cloth.

Paint starting from the top towards the bottom and smooth any paint drips as you go downward.

You can use a spray gun to apply paint to your furniture. Various types exist including cordless spray guns that you can use in areas where there are no power outlets. You can check this out online and find the best spray gun for your needs.

Make sure that the surface does not have any speck of dust or lint before you apply the protective finish.

  1. Apply a protective layer

Apply a protective finish on your furniture. Just apply a thin coat of clear finish and allow it to dry for 72 hours before using the furniture, to prevent it from getting sticky.

You can use matte, semi-gloss, or satin finish depending on your preference.

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The Living Room Is Finally Decorated :)

It’s finally finished and I have the living room before and after photos 🙂
It took us longer than we thought it would but we got there in the end! We had a few problems along the way with the wallpaper, both the patterned and plain paper.
The first two sheets of the patterned paper went up quite easily according to Ant. The third sheet proved to be a right pain and we nearly ended up taking it off and starting again.
Each sheet after that needed a bit more preparation than usual to make them stick to the wall.

Running Out Of Paper

When we came to the last wall I realised we weren’t going to have enough paper. This wouldn’t have been a problem if we hadn’t bought it over 2 years ago when we first talked about papering the living room!
We went to B&M to see if it was a standard paper that they kept in stock but of course, it wasn’t. Ant had to find the closest match. Luckily we were painting over it with light grey emulsion anyway so you can’t tell the difference now it’s done 🙂
Talking of painting with emulsion, I saw one of those home decorating shows the other day and the guy was painting the walls in one of the rooms with a paint sprayer. I didn’t know you could use them inside the house, it would have made the job so much easier and quicker!

Anyway, we love the finished result, which is all that matters.

Living Room Before And After Photos

Living Room before
living room after
Living Room before
Living Room after
living room before
living room after
Living Room before
Living Room after
Living Room after

Fireplace At Night

fireplace at night
fireplace at night

Coping With Chaos – Redecorating

It’s getting late and we’re just packing away for the day. It’s taking much longer than usual to get this room decorated. We’re getting there very slowly. The chaos is getting to us a bit now. Hopefully, we’ll be able to crack on and get a chunk of it done tomorrow. As it stands we don’t have to go anywhere so we should be able to work on it all day 🙂



Ant’s putting the shelves back up now so tomorrow I’ll be able to get all the books put back. Getting them out of the way will make a huge difference to the room. We’ll be able to get around much easier which means we can get more work done!

Decorating The Living Room

January always makes me want to change, update and organise things and this year is no different. I’ve been wanting to decorate the living room for a while now. I kept putting it off, but this is the year we’re going to do it.
We bought a new three piece suite a few months ago that has a hint of green so that’s going to be our new colour scheme.

Decorating The Living Room

I’ve been window shopping on sites like B&M, The Range and Argos today, looking for inspiration. I created a new Pinterest board to save my favourites and it’s made me eager to get started!

decorating the living room
Click the picture to be taken to my Pinterest board

We picked the keys up to our home on 20th January 2014 which means the magnolia we put on temporarily has been on for 4 years!
The idea was to get everywhere painted with magnolia then update each room as time and money allowed.

We could have decorated the living room before now but to be honest, every time I thought about how much work it’s going to take, it has put me off! I always told myself we’d do it next year whenever the thought entered my head!

This Year Is The Year

I’m not putting it off anymore! I’m going to start shopping soon and hopefully, we’ll have everything we need to do the job around about Easter.
Kaycee’s going on holiday with her friend at Easter and Ella’s going away for a few days with her sister, Kellyann.

It’ll be much easier to get it done if they’re out of the way 🙂


Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look Larger

Whether you’ve moved into a new property that needs a little updating or just noticed that your current kitchen needs a little TLC, redecorating can throw up all kinds of design questions. Unless you’re among the lucky minority to have a large kitchen, how exactly can you make your kitchen look and feel bigger than it really is?

make your kitchen look larger

Using little visual tricks and colour psychology will help to give your kitchen a new lease of life that will both modernise and help the room to feel more spacious. Since your kitchen needs to be easy to clean, your main focus should be on the tiles. The tiles can make or break the aesthetic of a room, so these should be your main focus when trying to make a room look bigger.




It’s no surprise to learn that darker colours aren’t going to help to make a room look larger. Instead, you want to stick to those neutral and paler shades. The lighter the tile, the more illusion of space you will create. However, don’t feel that you are limited to just white tiles, you can work with any kind of lighter colours, including pastels. The main reason for this is that lighter colours bounce light better than darker colours, eradicating those shadows that can shrink a room. If those natural colours aren’t your thing, grey is incredibly popular right now. A light or dove grey wall tile would work just as well but still gives you a sophisticated colour scheme to work with.

make your kithen look larger

Grout Lines


Oftentimes the grouting if overshadowed by the tile itself. We’re so focused on getting the perfect tile that we forget about how it will look with the grouting once properly installed. In smaller kitchens, you want to try and match the grout and tile colour together. If you have a white tile for example and use a black grout, this can make a wall or floor look a little more cluttered than it really is. This is an incredibly fashionable look right now, but only really works in rooms that have the space available. It’s important to be realistic with the room you have so not to ruin the design you’ve carefully planned. Matching your tile and grout colour makes a seamless look with a flawless finish that will help in opening up the room.




When looking for tiles you might not consider the fact that the finish might have some impact on the way a room looks. The best finish you can choose when trying to make a smaller room look larger is a high gloss. The glossy finish bounces light beautifully and therefore helps to make the room feel more spacious. The high gloss finish also makes for easy cleaning with dust and dirt easily being swept away. If a high gloss seems too intimidating, look instead for a satin finish. These tiles have the perfect mix of gloss and matt to give you a tile that has a subtle shine.

make your kitchen look larger
Kitchen House Interior Floor Home Modern Room

Tiling a small kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these simple suggestions when looking for your new tiles and you will have a kitchen that looks and feels larger in no time.


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5 Gift ideas to get for someone who enjoys home improvement projects

Gifts are always great. They help us bond better with the people we love, by making them feel appreciated. They are also great for developing new relationships!  While many of us are used to flower-like gifts, it can be a tricky affair finding a gift befitting a person who is into home improvement. A bouquet of flowers or a ring definitely won’t cut it with such a person. But don’t worry, as we have compiled for you a list of 5 gifts ideas for such a person. Any of these gift ideas will be perfect for the home improvement enthusiast in your life.

cutting wood with a chansaw - gift ideas for DIY people

  1. The Husqvarna 450 rancher chainsaw

A person who is into home improvement projects most likely loves minor logging, as they try to find the best timber for the job.  That’s why gifting such a person a Husqvarna chainsaw would be much appreciated. In case you are wondering why the Husqvarna 450, well, that’s because it’s not only powerful, but also very safe to work with. It is also small, which makes it quite effective to use around the home. To give you an idea of how good it is, the Husqvarna 450 has received a very positive toolboss review. They don’t just hand out those reviews, which makes this product the perfect gift for a person who is into home improvement.


  1. The black and Decker AAW100 Wrench

Most people who are into home improvement are usually DIYers as well.  They love fixing beds, furniture and numerous other stuff around the house. What better gift would you give to such a person other than the Wrench? It’s the perfect do-it-yourself tool!  The AAW100 is so adjustable that it can work with any nuts and bolts around the home. It’s also small, which makes it convenient for you to carry, without giving yourself an extra burden while trying to offer a gift.


  1. An Easybloom plant sensor

A person who is into home improvement most likely has a thing for gardening. After all, if you like a nice looking home, then chances are you are into gardens and flowerbeds too. That’s why a home improvement enthusiast would appreciate the Easybloom plant sensor. It is designed to check the environment, and determine which plants best thrive in a given environment. This would save the home improvement person you are looking to gift, time and money that they would otherwise use; hiring soil and climate experts. That’s a cost saving that anyone would appreciate.

close up of a drill bit

  1. A Black and Decker Cordless Drill

A home improvement person most likely finds themselves having to drill screws here and there. They also most probably have to deal with falling screws in the drilling process, which can be a waste of time.  That’s why gifting such a person this drill would be very much appreciated. It’s not only cordless, allowing for versatility, but also has a magnetic tip that holds screws in place. It’s the perfect gift. Besides, it’s quite affordable and won’t leave a dent in your pocket.


  1. The Husqvarna Homeowner protective chaps

Home improvement people, especially the DIY type are usually at risk of injuries. That risk is even heightened if they have to work with chainsaws. That’s why it would make sense to think of gifting them a safety pad, like the protective chap. This product is designed to protect from chainsaw injuries by causing the saw to jam if it comes into contact with its fabric. This is one product that will endear you to the person you are looking to gift. That’s because it’s a symbol of care. Who doesn’t love it when they feel cared for?


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Upgrades that Make Your Rental a Stand Out

At times, owning rental property can be a headache, especially if you’re doing all the work yourself.
One way to ease the burden is to use a service like Rentround. They help you review fees, locations, services and regulatory associations of letting agents. You can contact your chosen agent easily and let them do all the work for you.

Another way to get the best return on your investment and stay at the high end of the rental rates, is by improving your property value. One way to avoid tenant turnover is to invest in the right upgrades. Upgrading your rental unit will entice tenants to stay through multiple lease cycles, and spending a little money now may earn you a higher payoff later. Use these tips to upgrade your property and make your rental a standout.

Curb Appeal

As renters peruse listings, the first impression they’ll receive is from the outside. Don’t forgo a fresh coat of paint, leave up a dilapidated fence, or neglect landscaping. Driveways should be free of potholes and trees and shrubs should be neatly groomed. Make sure there are no overgrown weeds or dying plants. If you’re having a hard time renting out a property, buy some flowers to put outside. The drive-by test is one of the first steps a prospective tenant will make, so complete the basic criteria to stand out with curb appeal.

Upgrades to your house


Chances are your previous tenant damaged the carpeting over their span of occupancy, and even a professional cleaning service won’t fix the signs of wear and tear. Having to replace the carpet between renters is expensive and has a negative impact on your annual rate of return. While carpet flooring is appealing to certain renters, especially in bedrooms and during winters, consider upgrading your floors with a new material. Options include laminate, hardwood, bamboo, plank and faux wood. They range in price point, but are sure to add immediate value to the property, and are great for renters with carpet allergies. Whatever you do, be sure to get rid of old vinyl or linoleum flooring in bathrooms and kitchens. It is unsightly, and a major turnoff for potential renters.


Fixtures are an inexpensive upgrade that are sure to increase the appeal of your property. Doors are one of the first things damaged at rental units, and most investors tend to either ignore the damage or touch it up with paint. However, new doors will make your place sparkle and appear refinished. Plus, they’re inexpensive and can be found for roughly $80 at your local hardware store. Other potential fixtures to invest in include ceiling fans, lighting, faucets, door handles, locks, and window blinds. Spending a few extra dollars on higher quality materials will give your rental a polished, pulled-together look, and higher quality brands will provide better durability to withstand normal wear and tear.

Cabinets and Countertops

Owning rental property means staying abreast of the latest trends—especially when it comes to property upgrade trends. Renters are willing to pay more for upgrades, and having sleek, polished countertops will increase value and desirability. There are so many options to choose from when deciding on the finishes for your new countertops. Granite is always a sound choice, but cement and quartz are popular in the higher end markets. Kitchens are among the top features renters will choose from when browsing properties, so make yours a standout with some key renovations. Replace old particle board cabinets that have outlived their usefulness with a more modern and functional option. If buying new cabinetry is not within your budget, consider replacing only the cabinet doors with high-quality, solid wood doors, as well as the hinges and knobs. A fresh coat of paint and some new fixtures can go a long way. Keep in mind that storage space is a hot commodity in the rental market.

kitchen upgrades


Appliances are one of the top features a prospective tenant will consider when deciding whether or not to rent a property. In some cases, appliances are equally important as location. If your property has washer/dryer connections, purchasing a set will increase the value of your rental. Old, mismatched, or malfunctioning appliances will not get you top dollar rental rates. Invest in new microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, and ovens to add to your property’s appeal. This might seem costly now, but temporary fixes will cost more in the long run. Plus, it’ll save you the hassle of those unending maintenance calls. When purchasing new appliances, be sure they include a warranty.

Doing minimum property maintenance will lead to minimal returns in terms of money and time of tenant occupancy. Next time your rental unit is vacant, go the extra step by making a few simple upgrades to make your rental stand out. Upgrades will make a renter come quicker, pay more, stay longer and take excellent care of the property.

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