4 Mistakes First-Time Homeowners Make When Decorating Their New Abode

Living room - decorating tips for first-time homeowners
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Decorating your new home and, moreover, a home that you have bought yourself and is now yours to do whatever you want to is an exciting prospect, but it can also be understandably worrying when your budget is tight, and you simply cannot afford to make mistakes.

In an effort to prevent you from making mistakes you regret, here are four common mistakes which first-time homeowners make when decorating their new abode.

1.    Too-Small Rugs

Firstly, you would truly be surprised at the number of people who, whilst out shopping, choose to invest in a rug simply on a mere whim, without considering the size and shape of the said rug and how it will fit into the space.

When you choose a small rug, you immediately convey a feeling of mismatched décor, even if the colours and tones in the new rug do match your throws, cushions and sofa. As a general rule, any rug you choose for literally all rooms of your home should be big enough to at least comfortably fit two chairs. As a rule of thumb, go a size bigger than you think you should, but the best thing you can do is to get the measurements of your space and save them on your phone so that you can jump on any that look right.

2.    Adding Too Many Trends in One Room

One of the biggest mistakes new homeowners make when excitedly planning the new design and décor of their home is to embrace every current trending design style head-on.

Even though you would think this would mean your home will undoubtedly be the trendiest property on the estate, the truth is that rather than looking stylish and put-together, your design will feel desperate and forced.

Instead, choose one or two interior design styles you identify with and endeavour to showcase hints and sparks of each trend whilst still tying everything together with your own personality.

3.    Scrimping on Flooring

Obviously, the floors on both the upper and lower floors of your new property will experience a great deal of wear and tear over the years, but even with this knowledge, many first-time homeowners make the mistake of simply buying the cheapest floor materials possible. Even though this may, at the time, seem the right thing to do, frankly you could not be more wrong.

A much more sensible investment is to get high-quality flooring that will last no matter what happens to the rest of the room. An incredibly fashionable and functional in equal measure choice is natural stone tiles from established and prestigious suppliers like www.mystonefloor.com.

4.    Relying on Overhead Lighting

Have you ever sat in a hairdresser’s chair and looked at yourself in the mirror? Fluorescent lighting and overhead ceiling lights are for focused work, such as for someone who is cutting your hair, and unless you do indeed run a hairdressing salon from home, there is simply no need to rely on such lighting sources.

Invest instead in several different light sources in each room, which will create a sense of cosiness and feel far more intimate than a bright overhead light. Furthermore, quirkily-decorated table lamps are a fabulous and, you guessed it, fashionable addition to any room, from the lounge to your master bedroom. Layer lighting as much as possible to get the best from your home.

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