Happy 13th Birthday KayCee

Happy 13th Birthday to our beautiful daughter, KayCee.

KayCee on her 13th birthday

Her 13th birthday celebrations have been planned since the start of the year! It’s gone through a few (!) changes but the final plan is to start off at home having a pool party followed by a BBQ followed by a roller disco at a local Fun Farm.

The party is planned for tomorrow because it’s the only night they do the roller disco at Fun Farm.

13th Birthday Celebrations – 3rd August

Her party plan has changed at the last minute due to the Fun Farm cancelling the roller disco because the DJ is on holiday, despite Kellyann (KayCee’s older sister) phoning on August 1st to see if they had to book or if they could just turn up.

She was told they could just turn up and it had been quiet lately so they might have the place to themselves.
Suffice to say, Kellyann was not at all happy to be told on the day of the celebrations that they now couldn’t go.

Change Of Plans

They were all a bit disappointed but they enjoyed going bowling instead.

After bowling, they came back here just before 8 pm to sing happy birthday and have birthday cake. They then decided to go back into the pool! Parents came to collect them at 9 pm and I’m happy to say that KayCee really enjoyed the day 🙂

13th birthday BBQ

13th birthday ice cream station

13th birthday Harry Potter cake
Kellyann made the wonderful Harry Potter cake. It was absolutely delicious.

I’m not putting a photo on of her friends because I don’t have their/their parent’s permission to post any


  1. Kim Carberry 5th August 2018 at 4:20 pm

    Aww! It sounds like she had a great day despite missing out on the roller disco x

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