Finally Finished – Patio Cover – Garden Update

Finally Finished

Finally finished
finally finished - new patio roof

The roof over the patio is completely finished and the guttering is up. It’s taking Ant longer than he’d like but each week a bit more is getting done.

He bought some screens and attached them to the sides. He wants to be able to roll them up on nice days and drop them when it’s windy to make it feel cosier.

finally finished the new roof on the patio

We bought another water butt earlier in the year. Ant’s put some cement down to make a base for it. He’s going to place it next to the new patio so the all the water from the roof will go into the water butt.
This water will be used to top up the pond when the level drops. Hopefully, we’ll be able to keep it topped up all year 🙂

finally finished patio roof

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