Ella’s New Fairy Door – Irish Fairy Door Company

Fairy Door

When the parcel arrived from The Irish Fairy Door Company, there was great excitement from the youngest daughter. I hadn’t told her it was coming and it was a lovely surprise for her.

Fairy door kit
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Ella loves all things magical and mystical; unicorns being the flavour of the month at the moment. She took her parcel straight upstairs to find the perfect place to for the fairy door and she got Kaycee to help.
They collected some colourful stones and rocks and made a welcome sign for above the door.

Ella's new fairy door - Irish fairy door company

Fairy door

Ella wrote the fairy a note, welcoming her to her new home. She picked Moonbeam for her new fairy’s name and got us all to read and sign the fairy agreement.

Welcome sign above the fairy door

I promised Ella that we could go on the website and pick some fairy accessories. She likes the fairy mailbox, trash can, and ‘My Tooth’ plate 🙂

Fairy mail box

Fairy trash can

my tooth fairy plate

She’s now saving up any money she gets as she also wants a fairy dust mixing kit, a fairy path and some rainbow stickers!

magic dust mixing kit

fairy path

Irish fairy rainbow wall art pack

She was sent some stickers to decorate the area around the door. They’re themed stickers for Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day. She’s looking forward to putting the Halloween stickers up; she loves Halloween the way I love Christmas!

Talking of Christmas, your fairy can also be an alternative to Elf On The Shelf. The fairy can keep an eye on your child and report back to Santa every day 🙂

Please note: We received a fairy door in return for an honest review

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