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Finally Finished – Patio Cover – Garden Update

Finally Finished

Finally finished
finally finished - new patio roof

The roof over the patio is completely finished and the guttering is up. It’s taking Ant longer than he’d like but each week a bit more is getting done.

He bought some screens and attached them to the sides. He wants to be able to roll them up on nice days and drop them when it’s windy to make it feel cosier.

finally finished the new roof on the patio

We bought another water butt earlier in the year. Ant’s put some cement down to make a base for it. He’s going to place it next to the new patio so the all the water from the roof will go into the water butt.
This water will be used to top up the pond when the level drops. Hopefully, we’ll be able to keep it topped up all year 🙂

finally finished patio roof

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Just Needs A Roof! – Garden Update

Needs A Roof

Ant’s been beavering away in the garden this week, building the cover over the new patio. The frame work is just about finished (he needs 2 more pieces of wood) and he’s got it all painted.

Tomorrow, after a trip to Derbyshire to pick up my niece, he hopes to start getting the roof on 🙂 He’s doing a wooden roof this time instead of using plastic sheeting as he did with the first patio roof.
We wanted plenty of light to come in with the first one because it’s where the living room is, but the new patio is next to the garage so it doesn’t need a see through roof.

Patio area after

Needs a roof

framework for cover over patio. Just needs a roof

I can’t wait till we can start planting the herbs in the huge soil pile at the back of the barbeques there. It’s going to look and smell lovely having a bank of herbs 🙂

Once the roof is done, we’ll be able to start work on the rest of the garden. I can’t wait to get the top part sorted. It’s going to be a big job but it’ll feel so good once it’s all done!

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Building Work In Progress – Garden Update

Building Work Has Started


Work on the patio has had to wait while Ant waited for his wood to be delivered.  He ordered it from B&Q at the start of last week and arranged for it to be delivered last Friday.

Friday came and part of his order arrived as expected. When he questioned why his other pieces of wood weren’t on the lorry the driver told him they were too big for his lorry and would be delivered by a different driver.
He told Ant to phone and check the status of the delivery but Ant decided to wait before phoning them.

Around 4 pm he phoned and was told the wood wasn’t on the lorry. He had to arrange delivery and they couldn’t deliver it until Tuesday.
Ant was a bit annoyed but there wasn’t anything he could about it so he just had to wait.

His wood was delivered on Tuesday. In the rain. The rain didn’t stop all day!

He didn’t get a chance to actually start work on the cover he’s building over the new patio until yesterday. Now he’s started on it, though, it’s coming on really well.

building work on the patio building work on the patio building work on the patio building work on the patio



Short Garden Update – New Steps & Lantana Plants

Short Garden Update


Ant’s been doing all the little jobs that needed doing on the patio this week. He’s now working on the plans for the patio cover he’s going to build.

short garden update

short garden update

short garden update

Ant made new steps onto the garden because his dad had trouble using the old steps. He can now get onto the garden without needing someone to help him 🙂

short garden update

Don’t you just love these Lantana plants? I’d have a garden full of them if I could!

Lantana plants

My lovely water lily flowered 🙂 The pond seems to be doing well at the moment. There are still a few tadpoles hanging around. It’s almost as if they don’t want to change into frogs!

water lily flower

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The Patio Is Down, Repeat, The Patio Is Down!

New Patio – Yay!!!

new patio

I’m so excited to share the photos of my new patio 🙂 I knew I was going to love it and I absolutely do 🙂

Ant’s been working on it every spare moment he had. He’s had to go to B&Q numerous times to buy more sand (he couldn’t buy it all in one go because he didn’t want to overload the car). It took more sand than expected. That was because in between digging out the area and laying the slabs, we’ve had some torrential rain. It made the area much lower than Ant originally intended. He ended up having to put back some of the soil he’d dug out!

The bricks on the worktop are to hold the BBQ. He’s taking it off the legs and securing it on the bricks.
The gas BBQ is going in the big space. We’ll be using the spaces underneath to store things like charcoal and wood.

He’s going to build a seat and little table on the wall near the grass so he has somewhere to sit while he’s cooking 🙂

new patio

When this area is done, our next job is to hire a skip and get rid of the mountain of junk in the garden, in the sheds and in the greenhouse.
Just getting rid of the rubbish is going to make a massive difference to the garden.

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