Strawberry Santas – Slimming World Buffet

Welcome to day 22 of my 24 days of Slimming World Christmas Buffet Recipes. Today’s recipe is for Slimming World Strawberry Santas.

Strawberry Santas

I’ve counted these as half a syn because of the Options hot chocolate powder and chocolate drops that are used. I think really, though, that they would be syn free because the mixture makes loads and you don’t use much on each strawberry. I can’t imagine you can syn 2 chocolate drops but I’ll leave it up to you to decide!

Strawberry Santas

Strawberry Santas

  • 250g Quark
  • 24 Strawberries
  • 1 sachet Options White Chocolate
  • Sweetener to taste
  • Chocolate chips
  1. Mix the Options powder with the quark and add sweetener to taste (remember to syn the sweetener depending on how much you use. It’s 1/2 a syn per tbsp I think)
  2. Cut the stalks off the strawberries and stand them on the serving tray.
  3. Put the quark mixture in a piping bag with your choice of nozzle.
  4. Take a strawberry and cut the point off the top. Save this for Santa’s hat.
  5. Pipe the Quark mixture on top of each strawberry and down the front (to create his head and beard) and place the hat back on.
  6. Add two little chocolate chips to make his eyes and serve as soon as possible

Tomorrow’s recipe is for berry fruit trifle.


Please note: I’m not a Slimming World consultant. I haven’t been trained and I’m not affiliated with Slimming World so please check all your own syn values.

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