Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look Larger

Whether you’ve moved into a new property that needs a little updating or just noticed that your current kitchen needs a little TLC, redecorating can throw up all kinds of design questions. Unless you’re among the lucky minority to have a large kitchen, how exactly can you make your kitchen look and feel bigger than it really is?

make your kitchen look larger

Using little visual tricks and colour psychology will help to give your kitchen a new lease of life that will both modernise and help the room to feel more spacious. Since your kitchen needs to be easy to clean, your main focus should be on the tiles. The tiles can make or break the aesthetic of a room, so these should be your main focus when trying to make a room look bigger.




It’s no surprise to learn that darker colours aren’t going to help to make a room look larger. Instead, you want to stick to those neutral and paler shades. The lighter the tile, the more illusion of space you will create. However, don’t feel that you are limited to just white tiles, you can work with any kind of lighter colours, including pastels. The main reason for this is that lighter colours bounce light better than darker colours, eradicating those shadows that can shrink a room. If those natural colours aren’t your thing, grey is incredibly popular right now. A light or dove grey wall tile would work just as well but still gives you a sophisticated colour scheme to work with.

make your kithen look larger

Grout Lines


Oftentimes the grouting if overshadowed by the tile itself. We’re so focused on getting the perfect tile that we forget about how it will look with the grouting once properly installed. In smaller kitchens, you want to try and match the grout and tile colour together. If you have a white tile for example and use a black grout, this can make a wall or floor look a little more cluttered than it really is. This is an incredibly fashionable look right now, but only really works in rooms that have the space available. It’s important to be realistic with the room you have so not to ruin the design you’ve carefully planned. Matching your tile and grout colour makes a seamless look with a flawless finish that will help in opening up the room.




When looking for tiles you might not consider the fact that the finish might have some impact on the way a room looks. The best finish you can choose when trying to make a smaller room look larger is a high gloss. The glossy finish bounces light beautifully and therefore helps to make the room feel more spacious. The high gloss finish also makes for easy cleaning with dust and dirt easily being swept away. If a high gloss seems too intimidating, look instead for a satin finish. These tiles have the perfect mix of gloss and matt to give you a tile that has a subtle shine.

make your kitchen look larger
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Tiling a small kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these simple suggestions when looking for your new tiles and you will have a kitchen that looks and feels larger in no time.


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