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Poorly girl

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

My little KayCee was sent home early from school today, feeling poorly. She was complaining of a headache and felt a little sick.
We gave her Calpol when she got home and within half an hour, she’d perked right up.

We spent the afternoon making some frames for a photo project we’re doing for the nursery nurses at Ella’s nursery.
It’s a private day nursery. KayCee went there from when she was a year old till she started school and Ella started before her first birthday if I remember right (it’s quite possible that I’m not remembering correctly because I have the world’s worst memory!). It’s Ella’s last day on Friday and we wanted to make them something special. We wanted to show how much the girls loved their time there and how much Ant and I appreciate the excellent care they’ve taken of our girls over the years.
I’ll post pictures of the completed project.

KayCee started burning up again around 5 pm and ate only a tiny amount of dinner.
She usually loves reading the bedtime story to Ella and me but tonight she just lay on her bed and let me read it.
Just like all parents, I hate seeing my little girl poorly and I hope a good night’s sleep will work some magic and make her all better in the morning.

Cheeky monkey

The following is a conversation I had with my lovely son, Aiden (11), tonight while I was making dinner.

Me: Aid, I got KayCee’s and Ella’s lunches mixed up today. KayCee ended up with pate and cheese slices. The 2 things she doesn’t like!

Aiden: Muuuummmm, not again! *grins*

Me: *smiles* I don’t know how it happened. She went to swap sandwiches with Ella but Ella had eaten the ham ones already.

Aiden: Oh no, did KayCee get lunch?

Me: Yeah, her teacher sorted her out. *unpacking Kaycee’s lunch bag* Oh well, Ella can have these when she comes home from nursery tomorrow. She doesn’t stay for lunch on Wednesdays so I don’t need to make her a packed lunch in the morning.

Aiden: You don’t need to make me one either remember because I’m having a hot lunch tomorrow with the visitors that are coming to school.

Me: So I only need to make one lunch in the morning then 🙂

Aiden: *totally straight faced* Well at least you won’t be able to get it wrong.

Me: *laughing out loud* Oi, you cheeky monkey!!!

Aiden: *indignant look* What???…………..oh right, yeah!! *laughs*

I love my boy 😀




If you suffer from migraines you’ll know what I was going through early this morning.
I had a bad night’s sleep due to back pain. It got so bad that I couldn’t breathe properly, no matter how many times I changed position. I ended up coming downstairs and lying on the sofa.
After about another hour’s sleep, a migraine took hold and by this time, Ant was getting up ready to start the morning.
I ended up sitting in the chair, resting my head on a pillow and keeping my eyes closed because the light caused horrible pain.
My head was thumping and I really wanted to cry but I knew if I did, it would hurt more.
I took some pain tablets and rested while my wonderful family got on with the morning routine without me; very quietly I have to add!

Eye Mask

Ella fetched me an eye mask so they could switch the light on and all of my children gave me hugs and kisses and said they hoped I’d be better soon 🙂
I felt a little nauseous mid-morning, which is not a usual symptom for me so I was expecting to have the head pain all day, however, the thumping eased off a little and by lunchtime (after a few more tablets) it started to get easier to move around. It hasn’t gone completely and it probably won’t until I get some sleep but at least I didn’t have to lie down all day.
It’s starting to get worse again now because I’m shattered so I’ll be having an early night tonight.

No Energy

One of the worse things I hate about migraines is the way it zaps your energy. I’ve hardly done anything today; I filled the dishwasher, did a few loads of laundry, made dinner and that’s about it. I did try to get out in the garden but bending isn’t good for head pain so I gave up and came back in.

Hopefully, it’ll be gone in the morning and I can get all the cleaning done that I was meaning to do today.

I’m very thankful for my wonderful hubby and children. They always look after me so well when I’m ill. I love them all more than I can say 🙂

Proud parents’ alert!

Proud Parents

Aiden got his SATS results today and to say we’re proud parents feels like a huge understatement. He got level five in the three subjects tested (English, maths & science) and was glowing with happiness when I read out his results 😀

His dad had come early to pick him up for the weekend so he was here to hear the good news.  My mum had come to see us as well. We just couldn’t stop smiling at him and telling him how brilliant he was.
Aiden phoned Ant to tell him. You could see from his face that it was a phone call he really enjoyed making!

He was quite worried and a little bit stressed during his SATS and we kept telling him not to worry. As long as he did his best we’d be happy and that’s what he did 🙂
His school report was also brilliant and it all served to boost his confidence to new levels today!

Well done Aiden, we all love you and are so proud of you 🙂


It’s my birthday – I’ve been spoilt again!

My Birthday

birthday cakes

I’ve had a lovely, relaxing birthday 🙂

The kids brought my presents down first thing this morning and the girls were really excited!

Ella opened the present from Nanny (Beautiful perfume by Estee Lauder) and the present she had wrapped for me (a cherub planter).
KayCee opened the present she had wrapped for me (cherub planter #2). Aiden, being 11 now and not as excited about other people’s birthdays as the girls are, let me open the gift he bought for me (Greatest Ever Mum CD). They all gave me a hug and kiss 🙂

Ant surprised me by coming home after dropping the girls off at school, instead of going straight to work and putting more memory in my laptop for me 🙂

Not long after, Grandad came bearing gifts! He bought me Monty Don’s complete gardener book. Kellyann and Ian bought me a flan dish and a DVD.
Everyone got me gifts from my amazon wish list……I love the universal amazon wish list! 🙂

Thanks to everyone for all the gifts and cards. I’ve really enjoyed my day 🙂

One of those days

It’s one of those days for me today….one of those, I know I have a hundred and one things to do but all I really want to do is…. nothing.

One of those days - Feet up, doing nothing when I have lots to do
Image by tookapic from Pixabay

I’m tired because my back was very painful last night and kept waking me up. I have a headache because I didn’t get much sleep. I feel guilty for sitting here, doing nothing while the iron pile stares at me, the garden calls me to do one of the hundred things that need doing out there and Ant will be coming home for lunch soon so I’ll have to move from this chair anyway!

The worst thing is, I know getting out in the garden will help my headache and make me feel better (can’t say the same for the ironing….ironing could never make me feel anything other than, ughhh!) but actually getting the motivation to move is a big problem. My motivation has deserted me today and I can’t be bothered to go looking for it, so I’m not gonna!

Here’s to a lazy (but unfortunately, not guilt-free) day.

Let Them Bake Cake :)

The kids love baking. Doesn’t matter what they make, they just love the whole process.
Ella made delicious cookies the other week and KayCee’s sponge cake is always light and fluffy.
Yesterday, Aiden and KayCee made cupcakes while Ella and I made a Victoria sponge.

KayCee and Aiden baking cakes
Ella likes to get messy!
Ella with butter covered hands!
The best bit about baking is licking the bowl afterwards 🙂
Licking the beaters
Licking cake batter covered fingers!

We had the Victoria sponge for dessert today, well, apart from KayCee who had a cupcake because she doesn’t like cream, and it was delicious….I’m thinking of having another slice with my cup of coffee.

Victoria sponge topped with strawberries

After dinner, KayCee and Ella took some cakes out to share with their friends 🙂


As much as I love sponge cake, we need a change! Something more challenging for our baking session next time I think.

Google, here we come!


My brother brought my mum and his family to our house for the day on Sunday. We don’t get to see each other very often because they live in Derbyshire and we live in Lincoln so when we get a chance to spend time together, we make the most of it 🙂

James Brought His Rotavator

James came to help with the redesign of our garden. He brought his rotavator so we didn’t have to dig the lawn up with a spade. I was very grateful!
Ella had great fun covering herself in soil. It was in her hair, down her top and down her trousers! She had a bath and a shower that night trying to get her clean again and ready for school the next day 🙂

Ella putting soil all over her
Putting soil all over herself kept her amused for a very long time!

It was lovely to see my 4-year-old nephew, Jake, who’s a very lively, energetic young man and so adorable 🙂

My nephew, Jake

and my beautiful niece, Megan (9 months).
She’s such a smiley little baby 🙂 She makes you happy just looking at her.

Ella with her cousin, baby Megan



I love seeing the cousins playing together and I’m looking forward to having my sister’s children coming to stay in the summer holidays.
KayCee and Ella enjoyed having their cousins visit and keep asking when they’re going to come again 🙂

KayCee and Megan
Ella and Megan
KayCee and Megan
Cousins, KayCee and Jake
Cousins, Ella and Jake

Having a big family is wonderful and even though I love my life here in Lincoln, I do miss living close to my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews.
I’ll be forever grateful that the girls and Aiden get to visit Derbyshire every week and are growing up with their cousins. I hope as they grow, they continue to love each other and always be there for each other.

So tired….

I was very restless last night for some reason and today I’m so tired because of it. I went to bed just before 11 pm and read The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. It’s a brilliant book and I have to admit to staying up later than I want to because it’s completely unputdownable!!

Stop Reading & Sleep!

I forced myself to put it down just after midnight. I had to be up early to get the kids ready for school.
Two hours later, I was still wide awake. I heard Ella go to the toilet then she came in to give me a kiss and a cuddle.
After seeing her safely back to bed I tried to get some sleep.

I did start to feel a little sleepy but about 20 minutes later, Ella got out of bed again. She came to show me that her care bear glowed in the dark!
I gave her another kiss and cuddle and put her back to bed.
Now, this kind of nighttime activity is very unusual in our house. The kids are in bed by 8.30 pm and we usually have to wake them at 7 to get up for school.

Up & Down Ella

After another 10 minutes or so, Ella was out of bed again, crying, saying that I upset her when I put her back to bed. I think she just wanted to be with me so we sat in the bathroom, so as not to disturb everyone else and had cuddles until she calmed down and was ready to go to sleep again.

By this time it was gone 3 am and I was shattered. I finally fell asleep and 10 minutes later my alarm went off……ok, so it only felt like only 10 minutes later, but in reality, 3 hours had passed!
I snoozed the alarm more times than I usually do then finally dragged myself out of bed at 7 am.

Ella was her usual, sunny self this morning 🙂 although you wouldn’t know it by the photo she took of herself….

I'm so tired because Ella didn't sleep well last night

She really was a lot happier than she looked, honestly!

I was going to have a snooze this morning but I’ve got cleaning/ironing/gardening to do so I figure, if I get moving, I might wake up properly 🙂
Also, hopefully, I’ll be tired earlier tonight. I’ll be able to go to bed earlier then I can read for longer. I need to hurry up and finish The Pillars of the Earth, so Ant can finally watch the TV series! He’s been ‘patiently’ waiting for me to finish because I prefer to read the book before I watch the adaptation. I like to picture the characters in my mind before they become imprinted with the face of the actor who played him/her.

Now I really must get things done 🙂

Sports Day #2

It’s been a KayCee day today 🙂 I went to her assembly this morning to see her receive her S.E.A.L. award (Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning)….

KayCee at her school awards

and watched her on her sports day this afternoon 🙂
She did 3 races. The first was the bean bag on the head race, the second, was the hockey race and the third was the obstacle course. She said afterwards that she didn’t like the hockey race because it was too hard. I actually missed her second race and I have no idea why! I kept checking all the children when they lined up at the start of each race to see if she was racing and I totally missed her in the lineup.
She tried really hard for each race and got 3 well-done stickers, which she is wearing with pride 🙂

I think the main reason she liked sports day was that she was able to finish school early!
We went to visit daddy at the shop and got a lift home because it was too hot to walk!

KayCee ready for her sports day
Well done KayCee :o) Love you loads!! xxx
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