Friendship Bracelets

Ella was the only one available to play today!
KayCee’s spent the day with her friend, Chloe and Aiden spent most of the day with his friend, Chloe. Ella got a bit upset because she had no one to play with so I suggested we do today’s activity with just the two of us.
She unpacked the kit and sorted the beads into colours and I helped by cutting the threads to the right length.

Ella made a beaded bracelet while I made her one using embroidery thread.
I remember a friendship bracelet craze when I was at secondary school and for the life of me, I could never get the hang of how to make them. The girls who did know didn’t seem to want share the information so I never learnt how to make them.

I’m 35 and finally, I have the knowledge!! *grins*

We didn’t play for long. Ella gets distracted very easily and when Savannah came to call for her, she’d suddenly had enough of making bracelets and went out to play. She told me before she went, that I could finish off the one I was making for her and she’d come back for it later! She makes me smile 🙂


She wanted to model the t-shirt she designed, before she went to bed tonight. She wants to wear it for school! We compromised….I said she could take it to show the teacher but not wear it. She was happy with that 🙂


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