What to Pack in Modern Lunchboxes for Kids?

Lots of parents have a level of anxiety about packing their kids’ lunchbox that makes morning times less than ideal. The fact is that lunchtime should be a fun occasion for kids where they can let their hair down and eat something that gives them a boost.

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Choosing the Best Lunchbox Snack

Putting together the right lunchboxes that kids will enjoy is not always an easy thing for parents to do. The problem is that so many parents have so little time to dedicate to the morning routine that they simply stick in a bunch of snacks without much thought. This often leads to lunch and break times that are not always so much fun for kids as they struggle to find something they really want to eat.

Fussiness is all part of growing up and the real challenge for many parents is to come up with a lunchbox food formula that works. The ideal lunchbox is different for every child, but kids usually want the following kinds of foods:

  • Easy to handle foods that are convenient for their small hands to grasp
  • Foods that look like they might be fun to eat
  • Foods that look familiar to them
  • Foods that taste good

As you can imagine, this situation is more like a puzzle for the average parent who might be stretched in a dozen different directions on a busy school morning.

A Snack for the Busy Parent and the Fussy Child

When kids become fussy, it can be a real headache for parents. How many times have you packed a lunchbox only to find that half of it hasn’t even been eaten?

It’s important to choose the right kinds of snacks for a lunchbox. They should certainly be small enough to fit inside the lunchbox and should be easy enough to handle for the child. They should also be appealing and taste good.

Strings & Things from Kerry Foods has ideal snacks for lunchboxes because they are small and easy enough to hold, even on a busy playground. It’s also easy to eat and has an appealing fun factor that most kids will like.

Making Lunchtime Fun Again

In this context, it’s important to make sure that lunchtimes at school are fun. Kids get distracted easily and packing a lunchbox full of appealing snacks is the key to grabbing their attention and making sure that they eat something during the day.

Lunchtimes are also a great time of the day for kids to let their hair down, play, and relax. They can connect with friends and make new friends. The ideal snack fits into this scenario and doesn’t demand too much of their time or get in the way of what they want to do.

Strings & Things from Kerry Foods make lunchtimes fun because it fits into what lunchtime should really be about: a fun social part of the day where kids can play and have something to eat that’s appealing and not overly demanding.

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