Questions for Kaycee – last day at junior school


I started asking Kaycee and Ella some questions at the end of the school year in 2012. I love being able to look back at the changes :)

It doesn’t seem two minutes ago that I was asking Kaycee questions at the end of year 2 and writing about her being sad because she had to leave the infants school. Now I’m writing about how sad she is to be leaving junior school and I can’t believe she’s going to be in secondary school in September.

She has had an absolutely wonderful teacher for her final year in junior school.

I know Kaycee is going to be really emotional when she has to say her final goodbyes today.
She’s made a lovely cushion with her best friend, Emma, to give to Miss B. Last night she wanted to make something that was just from her.

She made a thank you card with a large B on the front and decorated the letter with buttons and gems. She also made a frame with the following inside:

Miss B

I may not remember everything you have said but I will remember how special you made me feel.

Thank you

She bought some Thornton’s chocolates for the office staff.
She gave a bottle of wine to one of the teachers she had in a different year and gave a bottle of salted caramel liqueur to the headteacher.

She’s going to miss this school but I think she’s going to love her new school and all the opportunities she’s going to get to there 🙂

I am really good at  Writing stories
I like to  film videos
My favourite thing to learn at school:  PSHE
1 person who makes me laugh:  Dad
One word that describes me:  Loud
I am really happy when:  I’m with my friends
I am really sad when:  I have a fallout with my friends
My favourite book:  Harry Potter
My favourite TV show:  The next step
My favourite vacation:  Mablethorpe
I like school when:  we go on trips
I don’t like school when:  we do SATS
My favourite season:  Winter
My favourite toy:  Ducky
My worst nightmare:
Things that make me mad:  Ella
Favourite sport:  Capture the flag
I like my Dad because  he makes me laugh
I like my Mum because  she cooks nice stuff
I like my family because  they’re nice to me (most of the time!)


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