Questions for Ella at the end of year 4

Year 4

Questions for Ella 2016

I started asking the girls some questions at the end of the school year in 2012. It’s lovely being able to look back at the changes :)
I am really good at: Cartwheels and handstands
I like to: going in the pool
My favourite thing to learn at school: Maths
1 person who makes me laugh: Daddy
One word that describes me: Unique
I am really happy when: I go on holiday
I am really sad when: I have a fallout with my friends
My favourite book: The Gruffalo
My favourite TV show: Love your garden with Alan Titchmarsh
My favourite vacation: Cornwall
I like school when: we have Eskimoos (flavoured milkshake) at the end of the year
I don’t like school when: we do literacy
My favourite season: Summer
My favourite toy: Rabbit and Tigger
My worst nightmare: When I dreamed Jeff got stabbed in the back
Things that make me mad: When Daddy tells me too many jokes
Favourite sport: Cricket
I like my Dad because: He’s funny and he makes me laugh
I like my Mum because: She’s kind and she says we can’t do something, we beg her and she then says yes!
 I like my family because:  They buy me presents when they go on holiday


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Questions for Ella 2016

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