Summer Bucket List Time!

It’s that time of year again! The girls love making a summer bucket list and have been looking forward to making this one for ages.



This summer we would like to:

  • Have ice cream for breakfast – DONE – They had pancakes and ice cream the morning after Kaycee’s birthday sleepover 🙂
  • Have an Eskimoo
  • Go to Hubbard’s Hill
  • Make smores – DONE – We invited Grandad round for Smores 🙂
  • Go swimming at NK – DONE – Ant took them and they all had a wonderful time, by all accounts.
  • Go to Mablethorpe and eat fish and chips and warm doughnuts and ice cream and fresh prawns
  • Have a movie night with popcorn – DONE – We watched a movie picked by the girls called, Pants on Fire on Netflix
  • Have traditional meals from different countries
  • Make campfire twists
  • Make apple and cherryade floats
  • Play Come Dine With Me – We didn’t get it done in the holidays but we still plan to do it in the next couple of weeks.
  • Make paper dolls
  • Lie on the grass at night and look at the stars – DONE – they slept under the stars, no tent in sight!
  • Have a family games night – DONE – Well, we had a family games afternoon but without the super wonderful husband as he had to work. We played Cluedo and Monopoly Millionaire 🙂
  • Go to Daisy Made – We changed this one to – Make ice cream sundaes – we bought lots of lovely ice cream, sprinkles, sauce and a Flake each 🙂

One last item

This last one is copied from the lovely Kim over at Northumberland Mam.

Make ice cream in a bag Kaycee tried this a couple of times but she ended up with milkshake instead!

I get Kim’s blog posts delivered to my email every day. I’m always amazed how alike we seem to be. I often nod along when she’s describing something her youngest has done. I think to myself that it sounds just like something Ella would do!

I’m really looking forward to the summer holidays. I just have to wait for the girls to get back from the various places they’re visiting for the first 2 weeks….. I have 2 child-free weeks ahead, whatever shall I do with myself?!

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  1. Kim Carberry 24th July 2016 at 12:46 am

    Aww! Thank you! You are so kind.
    hahaha it must be the name. My Ellie and your Ella….
    We’re going to try the Ice cream in a bag this week….I will blog about it and let you know how it goes!
    You have some great ideas! I think I am going to have to copy some of yours! Have traditional meals from different countries & make apple and cherryade floats. I do like the sound of those x

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