Our 2 week activity plan

Our children are coming home today after being away for 2 weeks.
We’ve both missed them and I decided to organise an activity for each day they’re home for the next two weeks; giving us chance to spend some quality time together before school starts again in September. Daddy has to work but he’ll join in whenever he gets chance.
We’ll be using gifts the girl’s got for their birthdays and Christmas gifts Aiden got last year and hasn’t touched since ripping the wrapping paper off! I found them while tidying his room the other day.
We’ll also be using things around the house and trying to spend as little money as possible.
We all love crafts and baking, board games and puzzles so here’s the plan for two weeks worth of daily activities for three children aged 11, 6 and 4.

Monday 22nd – Make a fairy garden – I had a dream about a fairy garden and woke the next morning knowing that we had to make one! I found a fairy garden competition the next day and figured it must be fate!

Tuesday 23rd – K & E: Bouncing butterflies (Birthday gift)
Aiden: Deadly dinosaurs (Xmas gift from last year)


Wednesday 24th – Pizza making

Thursday 25th – Visit Nanny and Jack

Friday 26th – All 3: Design a t-shirt (Birthday gift for KayCee and Christmas gift for them all from last year)

Saturday 27th – K & E: Friendship bracelets. (Birthday gift) / Aiden: Slimy slugs (Christmas fair prize, still unopened!)


Sunday 28th – Face painting and yes, I will be letting them paint my face and yes, I will be brave enough to put photos up! Aiden’s probably not going to want his face painted so we’ll do his slime lab experiment kit that is still unopened from last Christmas.


Monday 29th – Movie and popcorn day (Hopefully, everyone will want to watch Harry Potter, because I do!) We’ll pop our own popcorn; they’ll love seeing it bouncing round in the pan 🙂

Tuesday 30th – Scrapbooking. Last year, on holiday, we bought them each a book with the intentions of making a holiday scrapbook. We never got round to it so we’re going to make an ‘anything goes’ scrapbook instead.

Wednesday 31st – Board games. Everyone loves Harry Potter Scene It so I’m sure that will be the main attraction.

Thursday 1st Sep – Cupcake baking and decorating (Depending on whether the girls go to Nanny’s)

Friday 2nd Sep – Write and perform a short play. I’ll video it so Daddy can see it when he gets home from work.

Sat 3rd Sep – Aiden has a crime scene investigation kit that he’s not looked at since receiving it for Christmas last year; (do you see a pattern here? I’m starting to think Ant might be right when he says I buy them too much at Christmas but shush….don’t tell him I said so!) it’s not something the girls can do though. While I’m working on this with Aiden, I’ll send the girls off with a list of things to photograph with their new digital cameras 🙂

Sunday 4th Sep – Jigsaw afternoon. We have loads of jigsaws and they hardly ever get played with so today’s the day.

I’m looking forward to our activity weeks….can’t wait for our babies to come home 🙂


* The image of the girl on my sig is © Jeff Lyons


  1. shelllouise 21st August 2011 at 11:23 am

    It'll definately be more fun for the adults, knowing we're not relying on spending money to keep them entertained and it'll show the children that we do have fun things to do in the house, they just have to find them instead of sitting down saying they're bored!

  2. Jennifer 21st August 2011 at 10:24 am

    You've got some great activities lined up, looks like a lot of fun! Always good to make use of what you've got around.

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