How To Buy Birthday Presents For Your Parents

birthday presents for your parents
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They are often the worst people to buy presents for. Why is this? Well, when people get to a certain age they tend to have pretty much everything they need, and if you combine this fact with the fact that people later in life also tend to be less likely to take up new hobbies then it’s clear to see that the scope for present buying becomes quite diminished. If your parents are anything like mine you won’t even get much joy by straight-up asking the question, ‘what would you like for your birthday?’, as you are met with a simple, ‘oh anything, I don’t mind’, thanks, very helpful Mum! So you need to come up with some plan, so here is a quick guide on how to present shop for a difficult parent.

Buy An Experience

In recent times there has been a trend to buy experience day packages as an alternative to a physical gift. Now when looking at what you could get them for an experience day the first thing you can see is that the choice and range is pretty much unlimited, we could write a whole blog post on this alone. Classic ones include something like a relaxing Spa Day or visits to sporting events such as horse racing or motor racing. If you, and your parents, are particularly adventurous then you could take in an activity day like car racing, horse riding or something like shooting. Be sure you are choosing something suitable as these are often not refundable.

Something That’s Just Plain Nice!

They may have everything that they need, but even if you do have everything you need, there’s nothing better than getting something that’s just nice, even if it’s not needed. You can get fantastic, and decorative objects for the home from pretty much everywhere these days. One great example is something like these Tea Tins, and you can see that they come in all styles from very traditional right up to modern ones depicting film characters, etc.


There are many ways to display family photos and what’s better than to look through the old family albums of happy memories and have them re-printed in a way that’s new and fun. Take an old Christmas day or a family holiday from when you were all young and have them reproduced in a way that is nice and useful, a framed print or canvas could be a lovely gift that they can cherish and put up in their home.


Why not take them away for the weekend? You could pay for them to have a romantic weekend away together or even ask them to come for a trip with you and your kids, they may love the chance of extra time with the grandkids.

Food & Drink

If you’re still stuck for ideas, why not simply take them out for a nice lunch or dinner at their favourite restaurant or café. This may not be a particularly inventive idea, however, it is certain to be enjoyed.

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