Fun Ways to Display Photos at Home

Do you have thousands of photos on your phone? Do you spend time everywhere you go snapping pics of your family and the scenery? Do you even spend time at home taking pictures on your phone every time your kids do anything cute? Have you even had to pay for more cloud storage so that you can keep them all? Well, you certainly aren’t alone. Most of us have got tons of photos. We take pictures of our friends, family and pets. We even take pictures of our meals. We share them with the world on social media. But, we don’t display them in our homes. 

When we grew up, our parents had every photograph that they every took developed and it either went in a frame, on the wall, or in a photo album that they’d get out to show anyone that came to visit. They took fewer photographs, but they displayed the ones that they did take with pride. The photos on the walls told their stories and brought back happy memories. Now that we’ve got so many photos to choose from, it’s hard to know what to print, where to put them, and which should live only online. Here’s a look at some fun ways to you might want to display some of your photos at home.

photos displayed in a frame
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Create a Gallery Wall

If you’ve got a large empty wall in your house, it can be the perfect place to create a gallery wall. Frame photos in different sizes and colours of frame. Add colourful mounts. Hang them randomly, or in some kind of order, but try to fill as much space as you can, adding and changing photos as you enjoy your life and create new memories. 

Utilise Canvas

Canvas isn’t just for fancy artwork or expensive prints. If you’ve got some special photos that you don’t just want to put in a frame like all of the others, cheap canvas prints can be the ideal way to display them. Prints come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be perfect for making your important pictures stand out. 

Add Lots of Colour

Buy frames in different colours and styles. Or, buy cheap frames from second-hand stores and charity shops, sand them down and paint and varnish them yourself. You could add decoupage to create texture and a more dramatic effect. Use lots of colour to really highlight your photos. 

Add Photographs to Textiles

You don’t only need to display your photos in frames or on canvas. They don’t have to live on your walls. You could have pictures printed on cushions and other textiles. Alternatively, print pictures on mugs and other homeware. 

Make a Collage

If you’ve got a lot of photos that you want to display, but not enough space to do it, you might want to create a collage in a large frame instead. This can be a great way to show all of the photos from a specific event. You could even shrink your photos down so that you can fit more in. 

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