Top 3 Beauty Gift Ideas For Christmas 2019

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Christmas is just around the corner. It’s a time of buying presents for loved ones, tucking into scrumptious food and wearing ugly Christmas jumpers, it’s a magical holiday. 

In terms of buying gifts, however, it might feel more and more tricky throughout the years. With the belief that your friends and family have everything they need, it can be a very daunting process.

But when it comes to makeup/skincare gifts, the beauty of it (excuse the pun!) is that new sets are brought out every year! A time when all of the big brands are battling to get the most profits, customers can take advantage of the large selection of colour palettes, perfumes and more. Whether you look for skincare products in a high street store or a cbd shop, you’re bound to find something that fits within your price range. 

So if you’re stuck for buying a present for your mum, friend or another family member, here are the top three beauty products that you can dig your teeth into this Christmas.

Remember, however, that it’s better to get purchasing and planning what you’re going to get now instead of leaving it last minute!

1 Skincare Gift Sets

Skincare gifts are guaranteed to please – no matter who you’re buying it for. A present that they can use around Christmas or throughout the year, they’ll love the pamper evenings that they can have with them. 

Soap & Glory 

Soap & Glory sells an array of skincare gift sets. Within them, you can expect body lotion, body scrub, shower gel, etc. A staple gift for many, they never fail to disappoint year after year. Sold in most retailers, they are also one of the most affordable gift sets out there. 

Body Shop

Another key retailer, Body Shop sells a variety of different gift sets that are ideal for Christmas. With fruity and luxurious options available, you’ll find the perfect scent for your loved one. 


LUSH is a wonderful beauty make. Animal-friendly and handmade, each of their products will make you feel pampered and relaxed after using them. Which is why their gift sets make such a wonderful gift idea. From face cream to bath bombs, these delightful sets will make anyone smile when they open it on Christmas Day.

2 Makeup Gift Sets

Everyone loves makeup – no matter if it’s a budget-friendly or more expensive brand. And at Christmas, many people turn to makeup gift sets. Ranging in price and what they have to offer, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for on the high street or online. 


No7 is one of the country’s favourite makeup brands. And when Christmas rolls around, they release a number of gift sets. From eye palettes to foundation and mascara, there is something for all tastes. A high-quality makeup brand, your relative or friend will be in awe when they open one of these gift sets. 


Similarly to No7, L’Oreal is another trusted brand that’s known for its first-rate products. And although they are often thought of as just for their hair dye, they also have a wide range of makeup sets that make their way into stores around the winter season. These extraordinary sets also won’t break the bank, unlike some of the more expensive options available. 


Although this is a company that’s primarily across the pond, the popularity of the brand has grown internationally over the last couple of years. Available in-store and online, they have an extensive range of gift sets and beauty gifts – from makeup brushes to powder and perfume. 

3 Hair Care Gifts

Many people don’t think of buying hair care gift sets for Christmas. But they can make a wonderful gift. Practical and luxurious, they don’t have to cost you the world. Here are some top brands to look into that offers gift sets for this Christmas:


A beloved brand, Aussie make high-quality shampoo and conditioner. Available in sets, it’s an ideal accompaniment to a bottle of wine or chocolates this year. Although they aren’t the cheapest hair care products, the quality speaks for itself.


Known for making products that are rejuvenating and soothing on your scalp, Aveda is a popular brand that’s used by millions of people around the world. This Christmas, why not look into the gift sets that they have to offer? Differing to the stereotypical brands, they will make a great present. 


Another well-known and beloved brand, Tresemme have brought out a selection of gift sets this year. From hair conditioner to shampoo and masks, your loved one will have the perfect pamper evening with one of these treats. 

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