Questions For Ella At The End Of Year 7

I started asking the girls some questions at the end of the school year in 2012. It’s lovely being able to look back at the changes 

Well, our little Ella isn’t so little anymore! She’s come through her first year of secondary school with a few metaphorical bumps and scrapes, but the thing to focus on there is, she got through it!

It hasn’t been an easy year for Ella. Many of the old friendship groups don’t seem to have survived the huge change they’ve all gone through and with that came some tough times.

This last term, however, seems to have been a quieter one and one which has seen her settle into new groups and become happier for it.

She’s tried hard to adapt to the increased workload and I’m hoping she finds it easier next year.

As usual, we’re very proud of her 🙂

Year 7

I am really good at:Writing
I like to:talk to my friends
My favourite thing to learn at school:different instruments
1 person who makes me laugh:Star
One word that describes me:Loud
I am really happy when: I’m around people I like
I am really sad when:people annoy me
My favourite book:I don’t really have one
My favourite TV show:Alexa and Katie
My favourite vacation:Cornwall
I like school when: people don’t annoy me
I don’t like school when:people annoy me
My favourite season:Summer
My favourite toy:I don’t have one
My worst nightmare:When I dreamed Jeff got stabbed in the back and when I dreamed my daddy died (every year this is the same!)
Things that make me mad: Kaycee
Favourite sport: swimming
I like my Dad because:He’s funny
I like my Mum because:She’s nice
 I like my family because: They’re nice – sometimes!

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