Questions for Ella on her last day at school

I asked Kaycee and Ella some questions on their last day of school last year and I thought it would be interesting to ask them every year and see how their answers change 🙂

Link to Ella’s answers 2012

I am really good at: Literacy and numeracy
I like to: Have free choice activity time
My favourite thing to learn at school: Literacy and numeracy
1 person who makes me laugh: Aiden
One word that describes me: Graceful
I am really happy when: When Aiden plays with me and makes me laugh
I am really sad when: When I fall out with Kaycee and Aiden
My favourite book: The fairy bell sisters
My favourite TV show: iCarly and Jordan and Perry’s ultimate block party
My favourite vacation: Butlins
I like school when: The teachers let me help them
I don’t like school when: The teacher rips a page out of my book
My favourite season: Summer
My favourite toy: Snakey and Piglet
My worst nightmare: My family leaving me home alone
Things that make me mad: When Kaycee shouts at me
Favourite sport: Gymnastics
I like my Dad because: He’s funny
I like my Mum because: She is a nice mum
I like my family because: They are nice


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