Questions For Ella At The End Of Year 6

I started asking the girls some questions at the end of the school year in 2012. It’s lovely being able to look back at the changes :)

Ella has come to the end of year 6 and is going to secondary school in September. No more Junior/Primary school for our family. I know all parents say it, but time really is going too fast!

Ella had her leavers assembly on Wednesday and I managed to pop in and see her before I had to go and do the weighing at my Slimming World group.
I was sad that I couldn’t stay until the end but I’d told her I might have to leave early so she was expecting it.

I’ve had children at that school since Aiden started there in 2007 and I’m sad that this is the end of an era.
We’ve bought 24 Cadbury’s Heroes cupcakes for Ella to give to the teachers, teaching assistants and office staff. She’s also bought a box of Heroes chocolates to share with her friends 🙂

end of school questions year 6

Year 6

I am really good at: Football
I like to: Play football
My favourite thing to learn at school: P.E.
1 person who makes me laugh: Star
One word that describes me: Loud
I am really happy when:  I’ve not fallen out with my friends
I am really sad when: I fallout with Sophie
My favourite book: Disney Twisted Tales
My favourite TV show: Full House
My favourite vacation: Cornwall
I like school when:  It’s the end of the day
I don’t like school when: we do work
My favourite season: Summer
My favourite toy: Squishies
My worst nightmare: When I dreamed Jeff got stabbed in the back and when I dreamed my daddy died (every year this is the same!)
Things that make me mad:  Kaycee
Favourite sport:  Football
I like my Dad because: He’s funny
I like my Mum because: She’s kind
 I like my family because:  They’re nice


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  1. Kim Carberry 20th July 2018 at 10:28 pm

    Ahh! Time is going so fast. We are done with primary school too and I don’t want it to be so….I have been going there since my now teen was 4. She’s 15 now.
    Great answers Ella….

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