Decorating For Christmas 2018

We always decorate for Christmas on the first Saturday of the month. We were all delighted when we saw that the first Saturday fell on the first day of the month 🙂

KayCee did the lights on the tree this year. It’s usually my job and I don’t like it so I was happy for her to take control!

Ella helped with the fireplace this year which is usually my job. She wants this to be her job because KayCee always puts up and fills the treat trolley.
We did it together and I think it looks lovely.

Decorating For Christmas

Book advent, Chocolate advent, picture advent, DVD advent

Christmas tree lit up at night

Fireplace lit up at night

Christmas mugs

Glitter train and light up book ornaments

A snowball drink

Christmas treat trolley

Christmas treat trolley

Christmas village and Christmas ornaments

Hearth decorated for Christmas Ella putting the angel on the tree

Aiden, KayCee and Ella decorating the tree

KayCee and Ella decorating the tree

KayCee putting the lights on the tree

North Pole Breakfast

Christmas Tree

2017 Christmas Decorations

2016 Christmas Decrations

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