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Decorating for Christmas

Decorating For Christmas 2018

We always decorate for Christmas on the first Saturday of the month. We were all delighted when we saw that the first Saturday fell on the first day of the month 🙂

KayCee did the lights on the tree this year. It’s usually my job and I don’t like it so I was happy for her to take control!

Ella helped with the fireplace this year which is usually my job. She wants this to be her job because KayCee always puts up and fills the treat trolley.
We did it together and I think it looks lovely.

Decorating For Christmas

Book advent, Chocolate advent, picture advent, DVD advent

Christmas tree lit up at night

Fireplace lit up at night

Christmas mugs

Glitter train and light up book ornaments

A snowball drink

Christmas treat trolley

Christmas treat trolley

Christmas village and Christmas ornaments

Hearth decorated for Christmas Ella putting the angel on the tree

Aiden, KayCee and Ella decorating the tree

KayCee and Ella decorating the tree

KayCee putting the lights on the tree

North Pole Breakfast

Christmas Tree

2017 Christmas Decorations

2016 Christmas Decrations

How to decorate for Christmas in style and cheap

Living room decorated for Christmas

Christmas is coming very soon, and we can start talking about the ways to celebrate the jolliest time of the year at your home as well! Apart from a beautiful Christmas tree, there are some other ways you can decorate your home. And today I am going to share a few tips that will help you out not only to achieve true classy décor but also even save money! It is super easy, super fun, and it brings Christmas to the home!

Turn your throw pillows into gifts
It is super easy, super good looking, and it won’t cost you tons of cash! In fact, all you need to do is tie a bow around your throw pillows with holiday colour ribbons, and voila! They look just like Christmas gifts! You can also add a rhinestone pin for an extra decorating kick and have fun sitting on a very comfortable and good looking pile of gifts!

Snowman made from oranges

Build mini snowmen 
Another very cheap, fun, and even odorous décor element can be a few mini snowmen made from… oranges or clementines! And it is not that hard to make them! Just stack the fruit, holding the pieces together with toothpicks. Then add cloves for eyes, peppermint sticks for arms and a nose and liquorice for a scarf. The hat can be a vanilla wafer and peppermints layered with frosting – that is it! It will last longer, smell very nice and it will bring a lot of visual interest around the room as well. Moreover, since it is not that hard to make, kids will love helping you out as well!

Use biscuit cutters as window decorations
You can also have something special and decorate your windows with biscuit cutters! These window decorations take just a few minutes to make. And it requires minimum material as well! Just get tin biscuit cutters with various Christmas-like shapes like angels, bells, and stars. String them with beautiful ribbons, and then tack them to the window casing. After that just enjoy having unique, cheap and super cute decorations on your windows!

White tree with red baubles

Skip the real Christmas tree
I know it is quite hard to skip the old-time tradition of having a real Christmas tree at a home, but you can save a lot more, have a beautiful decor element and still enjoy Christmas if you pick a tree in an unexpected colour like a winter white or bright red. In fact, the more unusual colour you choose, the stronger décor element it will be. When it comes to the ornaments, less, but bright is best. Only stick to one bold colour, so it pops. Choose colours like red, magenta, or turquoise or other that contrast the colour of the tree. You will have a lovely tree for years, it will be eco-friendly, and you won’t spend money every year as well!

A family photo garland

For the sweetest decor element, gather all your pictures of family members! Drape the nostalgic garland across a mantel, shelf, or whatever you wish for by clipping old snapshots to a piece of festive ribbon. Photos can be whatever you like – from grandparents to today, from past years Christmas celebrations to everything else. It is all up to your imagination. The cost of such decor element is silly small, but it is surely very nice to look at and very easy to make. So – try it!

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