Our New 12ft Pool – Ella Loves It!

Ella wants a pool party for her birthday this year. She sent me a link to a 12ft pool she likes and asking when we can get one.

New 12ft Pool

Unbeknown to her, we’d already ordered one from Tesco on bank holiday Monday. We had to wait until today for it to be delivered and of course today it wasn’t as warm as it’s been all week.
She wasn’t bothered, though. She got changed from her school uniform into a swimming costume and got right in!

It was freezing and I don’t know how she does it, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to get in it!

new 12ft pool

Hours to fill!

Ant started filling it around 10 am while I was at the charity shop and it took until 7 pm to finally finish filling. He worked out the amount of water it needed to fill it and then the cost of the water. It’s going to add around £80 to our next water bill. I couldn’t believe it!

It’s worth it, though, seeing as they’re going to be using it all summer. Even the rain doesn’t stop Ella from going in the pool!

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