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No More Junior School For Ella – Secondary School Here She Comes!

Ella’s just left for her first day at secondary school. She was a bit nervous but very excited. Ant’s taking her in the car today with 2 of her friends seeing as it’s her first day but tomorrow she’s going to be walking.

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Ella’s 11th Birthday Party – Happy Birthday Beautiful

It’s Ella’s 11th birthday today 🙂

Ella on her 11th birthday

Ella’s 11th birthday Pool Party & BBQ

Today she had some friends round for a pool party and BBQ. They all had a great time and were phoning their parents when it was getting towards the end of the party, to see if they could stay longer!

unicorn floaties in the pool

Ella's 11th birthday pool party

They also had a hair and beauty station. Ella’s friend, Amelia did different hairstyles for everyone and covered their hair in hair mascara and glitter! The whole place was covered in glitter and unicorns.

glaitter hair

glittery hair

Birthday Cake

KayCee made Ella’ cake for her. She did a magnificent job, everyone thought it was wonderful 🙂

Ella's birthday cake made by KayCee

unicorn cake

Selfie Fun

They had fun taking selfies!

ella selfie

Ella and Amelia selfies

Ella's 11th birthday - Ella and Ruby selfies

Happy birthday beautiful girl; glad you enjoyed your party. Love you xx

Ella Through Her Junior School Years

As it was Ella’s last day at junior school yesterday I thought it would be nice for her to see the four back to school photos we took at the start of each year.

School Photos

Year 3

Ella's first day back to school photos - 2014
Ella’s first day at her junior school in 2014

Year 4

Ella's first day back to school photos - 2015
Ella’s first day back to junior school in 2015

Year 5

Ella's first day back to school photos - 2016
Ella’s first day back to school in 2016

Year 6

Ella's first day back to school photos - 2017
Ella’s first day back to school in 2017. Her final year at junior school.

And here she is at the end of her junior school journey. It really amazes me how grown up she’s looking now compared to those first photos!

end of school questions 2018

Our New 12ft Pool – Ella Loves It!

Ella wants a pool party for her birthday this year. She sent me a link to a 12ft pool she likes and asking when we can get one.

New 12ft Pool

Unbeknown to her, we’d already ordered one from Tesco on bank holiday Monday. We had to wait until today for it to be delivered and of course today it wasn’t as warm as it’s been all week.
She wasn’t bothered, though. She got changed from her school uniform into a swimming costume and got right in!

It was freezing and I don’t know how she does it, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to get in it!

new 12ft pool

Hours to fill!

Ant started filling it around 10 am while I was at the charity shop and it took until 7 pm to finally finish filling. He worked out the amount of water it needed to fill it and then the cost of the water. It’s going to add around £80 to our next water bill. I couldn’t believe it!

It’s worth it, though, seeing as they’re going to be using it all summer. Even the rain doesn’t stop Ella from going in the pool!

Autumn Crafts Older Kids

Autumn Crafts

Kaycee and Ella love to spend time crafting so with the nights drawing in I thought they’d like some ideas of things to make for autumn.

Ella especially likes candles so with this in mind, I found a couple of crafts using candles. Last year she made some Halloween luminary jars and gave them to her sister, Kellyann. This year I want her to make some for me but I don’t want Halloween ones!
I love these autumn leaves luminary jars from Create Craft Love and I know Ella will enjoy making them 🙂

Autumn leaf luminary jar - Autumn crafts
This image is a screenshot from Create Craft Love and belongs to the owner of the site.

There isn’t a tutorial for this one because it’s really not needed! The photo is from the Instagram account of a very talented lady who makes art from natural resources.

We did rock painting in the summer holidays and we all enjoyed it very much so I know this craft would be great for us all t have a go at 🙂

rock family candle holder
Photo Source

Glittery Autumn leaves hanging from the fireplace would be a great way to get us ready for all the glitz and glam of Christmas decorations!

glittery Autumn leaves
Screenshot and tutorial from House Of Jade Interiors

Kaycee’s and Ella’s Nanny loves feeding the birds so I thought they could make her some homemade bird feeders. It’ll be a nice surprise for her and the birds will be well fed now the weather is on the turn.

homemade bird feeders
Screenshot and tutorial from Growing Family

There are more Autumn Crafts on my Pinterest account

Year 6 – Back To School For Ella

Year 6

back to school year 6

Ella’s starting back to school today in year 6. This means it’s her last year at this school. I can’t believe she’ll be going to secondary school next year! She’s growing up far too fast for my liking!

She was excited to be going back to school this morning. Kaycee made a fuss of her by getting up early and making her a cooked breakfast for when she woke up!
She also did her hair for her, made her lunch and made sure she didn’t forget anything!

Kaycee’s not back at school until Thursday so she had plenty of time to do it all today. Ella asked Kaycee if she could make her lunch every day. Her answer was definitely not! She has to leave much earlier than Ella when she’s at school and she only just has time to get herself sorted!

It was lovely seeing them getting on nicely this morning, for a change!



More Disneyland Paris Photos!

More Disneyland Paris Photos

I know I bombarded you with photos the other day but they have so many lovely photos I wanted to share a few more. Kaycee and Ella are going to love looking back at the blog and seeing all these photos when they’re older.

Kaycee has started reading my old blog posts now and she loves seeing photos and reading about the things she got up to with Ella when they were little.
That was the whole purpose of starting the blog for me so it’s lovely seeing her reading a post and enjoying the memories 🙂

I hope we get the chance to take them to Disneyland Paris one year. It looks amazing and I’d love to experience it with them sometime.

Mickey and Donald on parade - Disneyland Paris Photos Kellyann, Kaycee and Ella with Minnie Mouse - Disneyland Paris Photos The castle lit up at night - Disneyland Paris Photos Ella - Disneyland Paris Photos Ian, Kellyann, Kaycee and Ella - Disneyland Paris Photos Donald Duck signing Ella's autograph book - Disneyland Paris Photos Kaycee and Donald Duck - Disneyland Paris Photos Donald Duck playing with Ella's hair - Disneyland Paris Photos Ella with Donald Duck - Disneyland Paris Photos Kaycee, Ella and Donald Duck - Disneyland Paris Photos Kellyann, Kaycee and Ella in front of the castle - Disneyland Paris Photos Kaycee and Ella trying to pull the sword from the stone - Disneyland Paris Photos Kaycee and Ella - Disneyland Paris Photos Ella posing in Mickey hands - - Disneyland Paris Photos Kaycee and Ella - Disneyland Paris Photos Kellyann, Kaycee and Ella - Disneyland Paris Photos Kaycee and Ella - Disneyland Paris Photos Ian, Kellyann, Kaycee and Ella Kellyann, Kaycee and Ella - Disneyland Paris PhotosThese are the Christmas decorations they bought me. I can’t wait to hang them on the tree 🙂

Minnie and Mickey Christmas tree ornament - Disneyland Paris Photos

Minnie and Mickey Christmas Tree Ornament - Disneyland Paris Photos


Double Digits! Happy 10th Birthday Ella

Double Digits

Double digits Happy birthday Ella

I can’t believe my youngest child is now into double digits! Ella’s been very excited about her birthday this year. Mind you, she always is but she’s matured a little this year. Her presents have been arriving for the past week and instead of hiding them I’ve been putting them on the fireplace with Kaycee’s.

She would normally be begging to open them but this year she’s only asked once!

I think she’s finally understanding that opening them early only leaves disappointment on your birthday. You’ve nothing left to open and your birthday is then just like any other day.

She hasn’t got as many presents this year as she usually does. She’s asked for spending money for when she goes to Disneyland Paris with her sister, Kellyann and her partner, Ian, in a couple of weeks.

Ella's last day of being 9!

Happy birthday beautiful girl. We love you 🙂


Questions For Ella At The End Of Year 5

Year 5

Ella end of year 5

I started asking the girls some questions at the end of the school year in 2012. It’s lovely being able to look back at the changes :)

Ella’s now moving into her final year at junior school. It’s hard to believe that next year my oldest child will be an adult and my youngest will be in secondary school. Time is flying and I’m starting to feel old!

I am really good at: Cheerleading
I like to: Play on my phone
My favourite thing to learn at school: Art and Maths
1 person who makes me laugh: Leonor
One word that describes me: Funny
I am really happy when:  I’ve got a boyfriend
I am really sad when: one of my friends annoys me
My favourite book:  Geek Girl and Girl Online
My favourite TV show:  I can’t pick just one! Supergirl, Hawaii 5-0 and MacGyver
My favourite vacation: Cornwall
I like school when:  It’ s the end of the day
I don’t like school when: we do work
My favourite season: Summer
My favourite toy:  Unicorn teddy
My worst nightmare: When I dreamed Jeff got stabbed in the back and when I dreamed my daddy died
Things that make me mad:  Kaycee and a girl at school
Favourite sport:  Football
I like my Dad because: He’s fun-noying (when he gets his joke book out!)
I like my Mum because: She’s kind and she’s not strict
 I like my family because:  They’re amazing!



Ella’s questions from 20122013 2014 2015 2016

Ella’s Been Searching For Gems – My Sunday Photos

Searching For Gems


Aiden’s had this rock and gem dig set for a few years. He’s never really been bothered with it so Kaycee asked if she could do it instead.
Both Kaycee and Ella have really enjoyed searching for the tiny gems in the rocks.

Ella searching for gems


Ella searching for gems

Ella decided to see if she could find anything in the stones in the garden. They were too hard for the tools that came with the rock and gem dig so she got the hammer from my tool box. Sh then proceeded to make a mess on the patio!

Ella's smashed stones - looking for gems

She took this photo because she said the smashed stones look like the universe 🙂

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