Leftover Gammon Pie Recipe

Leftover Gammon Pie

These pies were so easy to make, Ella was able to do most of the work! She loves to help make dinner but she sometimes rushes ahead and doesn’t listen to instructions. She did really well with these pies, though, and she loved eating them for dinner 🙂

For anyone who doesn’t know what gammon is, click here for more information

Ella helping to make leftover gammon pie

I think we’re going to try making these using bacon next. Bacon is a favourite of everyone here and I think it will work really well.
We always just put leftover meat in the fridge for people to snack on but now I’m thinking we should keep a packet of puff pastry in the fridge so we can make pies with all the leftovers, of which there are usually lots!

When we’re cooking a meal I’m going to be eating we use Fry Light but if I’m not having any, like these pies (the Slimming World syns for pastry can be quite high) we use olive oil or rapeseed oil.

I have an infographic to share with you that will help you buy the right kind of olive oil for your needs courtesy of Jamie’s Italian.

Olive Oil

Image Source – Jamie’s Italian, Norwich

From Visually.

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