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February 11th – Project As & When – Love the Owl!

February 11th Owl at HomeSense

February 11th

February 11th Owl at HomeSense
February 11th – Owl at HomeSense

This is my version of Project 365. I don’t do very well with Project 365 so I’m doing Project As & When…..a photo as and when I remember to take one!

5th February – Our new shower room is finished. I absolutely love it. It’s so much nicer in there and we’re no longer embarrassed when a visitor asks if they can use the toilet!

new bathroom

6th February – Ella loves the book we got from Vick’s

the rabbit who wanted to fall asleep and Vick's first defence

6th February – Ella



9th February – I took photos of a couple of books Ant needs for his collection so I wouldn’t forget what they are!

Conn Iggulden Wars of the roses Ravenspur

S.J Parris Conspiracy

10th February  – New book display at the charity shop where I volunteer

Blind date with a book book display


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