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Birthday, Blood & Biscuit Cake – Project As & When

Birthday, Blood & Biscuit Cake


Aiden turned 17 last week. He didn’t want a party but he did want a birthday cake, which I forgot to buy because I was ill.
I felt awful for forgetting so the next day when I was better, we went off to Asda and bought him this custard cream biscuit cake. His favourite biscuit is the custard cream so we had to buy it when we saw it!

He loved it when he first saw it but was disappointed it didn’t taste like a custard cream biscuit!

custard cream biscuit cake

Ella wanted to bring Aiden’s cake in for him. Aiden didn’t want to be photographed for the blog!

Ella bringing Aiden's birthday cake in with candles lit

My book for the week was The Twins. I really enjoyed it and will be publishing a full review on the blog.

The Twins by Saskia Sarginson

I thought my first appointment to give blood was on Thursday. When we on the way, I was checking the letter to make sure I’d filled the form in correctly and noticed I’d missed the appointment. It was actually on Aiden’s birthday, the day I’d been ill. I wouldn’t have been able to go anyway but I feel awful that I didn’t phone to cancel. I’ve organised another appointment in June.

Blood Donation letter

Chi-Chi came to visit 🙂


I found some Smurf marshmallows at the new Home Bargains store that opened in Lincoln recently.

Smurfs marshmallows

I went to HomeSense to take photos of all the new garden stock and couldn’t resist treating myself to a new notebook. Ant bought me the matching pens 🙂

New notebook and pens




New Book, Ella Selfies & Garden Work – Project As & When

New Book


new book 77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz
new book

I bought another new book from the charity shop again this week! It sounds really good but I think I should have checked the reviews on Goodreads first because they’re not very enthusiastic about it. Oh well, I’ll read it and see 🙂

I found some Ella Selfies and had to share them. I think they’re some of her best ones 🙂

Ella selfie

Ella selfie

We managed to get some time out in the garden again this week. Well, I say we, Ant did most of the work! It was a hot weekend, weather-wise and I’m afraid it was too hot for me.
I did help move the huge pile of branches to the top of the garden and did some weeding on the rockery area around the pond.

While I was keeping cool inside, Ant was outside making a new bike shed. I’ll be posting more about it tomorrow 🙂


1 Day 12 Pictures – Project As And When

1 Day 12 Pictures

1 – The first of my 1 day 12 pictures is a certificate Kaycee received for excellent effort in some of her subjects at school. We’re very proud of how hard she’s working at her new school.

1 day 12 pictures


2 – I received a £50 book gift card. If you read my blog at all, you’ll know how much I love books. Which means you’ll know how excited I am to go and spend £50 on books! I’m taking it on holiday with me so we can go book shopping!

1 day 12 pictures

3 – The girls have spent the morning tidying the bomb site that was their bedroom! This is the rubbish they’ve removed!
They still need to vacuum the carpet, but the vacuum cleaner keeps playing up. I think it’s time to buy a new vacuum cleaner, again. I do not have much luck with them at all!

1 day 12 pictures

4 – Ant bought me a wax melt warmer before Christmas last year. I hadn’t found a wax melt that I loved until I ordered this one from Tesco. I’m a bit sad that it’s a limited edition. I’ll have to stock up!

1 day 12 pictures

Late Mother’s Day Gift

5 – Kaycee made this for me at school but she had planned to paint it and didn’t get it done in time for Mother’s day. She wasn’t going to give it me because it wasn’t finished but Ella brought it down and gave it me without Kaycee knowing! I told her it was perfect as it was.

1 day 12 pictures

6 – I spent last weekend finishing this book. I loved it. I’ll be writing a full review soon.

1 day 12 pictures

7 – Time for an afternoon snack!

1 day 12 pictures

8 – I’ve bought a new diary because my other one was a bit small. I spent half an hour transferring my old one to my new one and I did some more blog post planning.

1 day 12 pictures

9 – We went to visit Nanny for an hour.

1 day 12 pictures

10 – My syn allowance on Slimming World is 25 but I’ve not been doing very well so I planned my menu for the week and dropped my syns to 15.

1 day 12 pictures


11 – Ella came to relax and watch something on Netflix after her busy day cleaning her room and helping her Nanny with the polishing.

1 day 12 pictures

12 – Kaycee came home and joined Ella. They watched Once Upon A Time. They’re on season 3 now and I think they’re both a little bit addicted to it!

1 day 12 pictures

Mother’s Day 2017 – Project As & When

Mother’s Day 2017

For Mother’s Day 2017 Ant made a delicious roast beef and Yorkshire pudding Sunday lunch. We invited Nanny and Chi-Chi to dinner and everyone had a really lovely time 🙂

All the photos today are from last Sunday. I’ve been busy working on Pinterest and in the garden, this week so I haven’t taken many other photos, again!

Mother's Day 2017

Mother's Day 2017

My lovely girls brought me breakfast in bed this morning

Mother's Day 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Mother's Day 2017

I came downstairs to some lovely cards and presents 🙂

Mother's Day 2017

They each made me a card and a garden centre voucher. On the back of the vouchers it said:

Give this to the husband when at the shop and demand he pays for your garden lot!

Mother's Day 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Mother's Day 2017

I also got some Yankee candles, homemade chocolates, flowers and a gorgeous bookmark.

Mother's Day 2017

Kaycee made a brilliant hedgehog cake 🙂

Mother's Day 2017

Ella made me a lavender love heart 🙂

Mother's Day 2017

After lunch, when Nanny and Chi-Chi had gone home, the girls painted while Ant and I relaxed. Ant fell asleep and I struggled to stay awake!

It was a lovely, relaxing day 🙂

March 25th – Project As & When

March 25th

March 25th – It’s been a busy week for me, but unfortunately, I’ve not been busy taking photos! I’ve been working on a 5 day Pinterest course to help me use Pinterest more efficiently.

I’ve got lots of more Pinterest related work to do so it’s not looking good for next week’s project as and when, either!

I saw this book at the charity shop where I volunteer. Ant refers to our Prime Minister, Theresa May, as The Demon Headmaster. When I saw this book I just had to take a photo for him!

March 25th The Demon Headmaster book

I made 2 chocolate and caramel trifles today for our dessert tomorrow. One of them has Baileys in for the adults! We’ve got Nanny coming for Mother’s Day lunch 🙂

March 25th - Chocolate, caramel and Baileys trifle

I used Ant’s Kitchenaid to whip the cream for the trifles 🙂

March 25th - Kitchenaid whisking the cream for the trifle

I didn’t actually take this photo but I figured as it’s on my phone I was going to use it! Ella loves taking selfies and I particularly liked this one.

March 25th - Ella selfie

March 18th – Project As & When

March 18th Project As & When

March 18th – We’ve spent a lot of time in our garden and Nanny’s garden this week. Lots of work has been done and we’re happy with the progress we’re making 🙂


Ella came to help us dig up the brick path at Nanny’s and Ant transported them to our house, in the car.

March 18th Project As & When Ella helping in Nanny's garden

We have plans to use them in a new raised bed 🙂 We still have the same amount, maybe more, to fetch from Nanny’s.

Bricks for raised bed

Chi-Chi had to have a bath after helping us in the garden!

Chi-Chi getting dirty in the garden

I made a hearty cottage pie for the workers when we got home. They enjoyed it and said it was delicious 🙂

Cottage pie for dinner

Ant made a delicious Irish Stew in honour of St Patrick’s Day 🙂

Irish Stew and Soda Farls


March 11th – Project As & When – Book Week

March 11th

March 11th – Today we spent the afternoon digging up bricks at Nanny’s so I’m a bit late with my photo post today.

Last Sunday I finished The Weight of Silence and started on Girl Unknown. I’m ahead on my reading challenge and I’ve enjoyed nearly all the books I’ve read so far 🙂

The Weight Of Silence

Girl Unknown

Kaycee and Ella are hosting a book club next weekend so they’ve been busy reading also 🙂

March 11th Ella reading

The spade is where I left it after starting the garden a couple of weeks ago. I really need to get out there and get some more done!

Digging in the garden

I did get out in the garden to take some photos, though 🙂

garden gnome

daffodils in the spring sunshine



Garden gnome



March 4th – Project As And When – New Books!

March 4th


March 4th already! This year is flying by. I’ve taken quite a few photos this week but they’ve mainly been for future blog posts like recipes and book displays. I’ve only got 3 I can share with you today.

Kaycee painted my nails and decorated them with little ball things. They annoyed the heck out of me and didn’t stay on very long!

March 4th - Kaycee decorated my nails

Ella dressed as a unicorn for World Book Day 🙂

Ella dressed as a unicorn for World Book Day

I did my usual volunteering on Tuesday morning at the charity shop and came home with more books!

More books from the charity shop

Pancake day. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have any because I was getting weighed the next morning!



25th February – Photo Project As & When – Been ill

25th February

25th February – I’ve been ill all week so I’ve hardly taken any photos. I took a few of the garden on Monday but that was the day I started feeling ill.

The only other photos I’ve taken are the ones of Ella’s hair so she could see what it looked like before she went to school!

I bought her some hair accessories for Christmas. She’s only just got round to using one of them. It’s a plastic bun twist thing that clips together.
I had one when I was younger but my hair was always too thick so it wouldn’t work but it works great on Ella’s hair 🙂

25th February Ella ponytail

25th February Ella hair bun

18th February – Project As & When

18th February

18th February – I’ve taken a few more photos this week, mostly due to Valentine’s Day.

12th February – Ant got the cine film projector from the loft and we spent the evening watching his old home movies. I have some old home movies as well but we need a super 8 cine projector to be able to watch them. We’re going to see if we can get one from Ebay 🙂

Watching old home movies - 18th February Project As & When

14th February – Valentine’s Day and Ella (9) got a lovely gift from her boyfriend, John. It was so lovely to see them both grinning 🙂

February 14th Ella's Valentine's Day present

Ant and I decided not to buy cards and presents for each other as we want to save for a holiday on our anniversary but I saw a meal deal at Tesco and had a voucher for £8. I had pork and Ant had steak. We had dauphinoise potatoes, cauliflower cheese and Brussel sprouts. I had a salted caramel brownie dessert and Ant had cheese and crackers. It was delicious, even if it did help contribute to my 5lb gain I had this week!

Valentine's Day dinner

Valentine's Day dessert

18th February

Ant put the pond back together. We thought it had a leak so it was taken apart before Christmas and left for a few months to see if we could find out where the leak was.
It’s been full for weeks now though without losing any water so Ant put all the rocks in place. It looks lovely again 🙂

garden pond



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